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Music Education


… Music Education The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education provides the proper training … music majors must undergo an entrance examination in order to determine their knowledge of music theory and to evaluate … Info No Display Related News Below Faculty Yes Visit the Fine Arts Website Future Music Students Course Requirements …

English Education


… English Education The English Education program adheres to South Carolina's education guidelines. Students study … develop their own philosophy of education, and learn to apply their teaching style to lesson plans that they create … its goals and application processes. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Elementary …

M.S.H.I. - Master of Science in Health Informatics


… of the Master of Science in Health Informatics Program is to provide students with a graduate education that will … 1: Analyze the United States healthcare system and how it functions. Objective 2: Explore how ethical and legal … industry. Master of Science (M.S.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement Notes Complete required courses …

Nursing (Pre-licensure - BSN)


… Fall 2022. Eligible students apply Spring of 2024 to progress to the inaugural clinical cohort beginning Fall … - Elementary Statistics ID150 - The Saint Experience   One Fine Arts course and one History survey course. See the Academic …

MSAT - Master of Science in Athletic Training


… graduate program that takes place over 24 months in face-to-face and hybrid formats to prepare students to earn the … and administrators.  Goal 3:  Students will learn how to synthesize and utilize evidence-based practice and … municipal departments, branches of the military Performing arts including professional and collegiate level dance and …

Computer Science - Information Technology


… who work in today's technology arena need the skills to successfully manage information resources.  Whether the … the "real world" need to know what is expected of them and how they can succeed.  Information technology is both … auditor. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement Notes Limestone's required  …

Theatre (B.A.)


Theatre (B.A.) Pursue your dreams, while preparing for … Drama, and Playwriting. Students have the opportunity to explore the Theatre outside of the textbook by studying … English education, and theatre management. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences See This …

English - Theater


… English - Theater An English/Theatre major emphasizes traditional English skills such as … Theatre departments. This concentration allows students to expand their studies of writing and literature into the … screenwriting, dramaturgy, education law, library studies, arts management. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal …

Social Work


… between systems and people. Social workers are taught how to assess, identify, intervene, and evaluate problems and … Work Program is to prepare students utilizing a liberal arts education for generalist social work practice by …



… Program, in accordance with the university's liberal arts philosophy and mission, provides a wide range of musical … of Schools of Music. The mission of the Music Program is to provide quality education, developing the student … and academically. Related Occupations The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers …

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