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Studio Art


Studio Art Earning a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts from … and exposure through the Juried Student Exhibition and our fine arts publication The Candelabra. The faculty strives to …

Studio Art - Graphic Design


Studio Art - Graphic Design The studio major concentrating in … and technical skills for a variety of career paths. This degree program offers a solid foundation for work toward … junior designer position at an ad agency. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement …



… Program, in accordance with the university's liberal arts philosophy and mission, provides a wide range of musical … presented in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Music and the Bachelor of Arts Degree … Aural Skills MU339 - Music Theory III Related Minors Art Minor Museum Docent Studies Minor Music Minor CIP Code …

Professional Communication


… interdisciplinary program that includes a strong liberal arts foundation and courses in Writing, Speaking, Graphic … interdisciplinary major which draws courses from English, Art, Computer Science, Business, Interdisciplinary Studies, … them for the job market in emerging areas. See This Degree in the Academic Catalog Related Faculty Randy Nichols …

Business Administration - Accounting


… their fields. Business Administration – Accounting Online Degree Program The Business Administration – Accounting … of Science Mathematics Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Studio Art Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) See all degrees Fast Facts Independent studies on …

Music Education


… Music Education The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education provides the proper training … Info No Display Related News Below Faculty Yes Visit the Fine Arts Website Future Music Students Course Requirements … PS320 - The Exceptional Child Related Minors Music Minor Art Minor Education Studies Minor CIP Code 50.1312 Hide …

Nursing (Pre-licensure - BSN)


… - Elementary Statistics ID150 - The Saint Experience   One Fine Arts course and one History survey course. See the Academic …

About Limestone University's Fine Arts Program


… About Limestone University's Fine Arts Program … 17302 … 17306 …

Liberal Studies (B.A.)


… special career or professional goal. In this Bachelor of Arts degree, students learn from various courses of study with a … require more flexibility than is available in other major programs, this program may be particularly helpful for the …

English Education


… within their curriculum. Additionally, students pursuing a degree in English Education learn to incorporate digital … its goals and application processes. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Elementary … Related News Below Faculty No Course Requirements AR240 - Art Appreciation ED200 - Principles of Education ED301 - …

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