Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Director of Student Advisement- Online & Evening

Hometown: Gaffney SC
Alma Mater: Limestone University, 2006; Golden Gate University, 2018
LC Saint Since: 2006

I am a firm believer in the importance of education. As an adviser, I know that my students are capable of achieving success, and the best part of my job is encouraging my students to believe in themselves.

What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

My dad. He has worked within the public for years and I get my drive and work ethic from him.

What is your favorite book, movie or TV Show? 

The Harry Potter series will always be my favorite book and movie(s). I cannot wait for the day my daughter is old enough I can read them to her.

What is one goal that you plan to accomplish during your adult lifetime?

Being Debt Free

The thing that always makes me smile is:

Listening to my daughter’s laugh.

You might be surprised to know:

I clogged on our hometown’s clogging teams for most of my childhood.

My favorite vacation spot is:

Aruba (anywhere there is ocean and sand) and Walt Disney World.