Caden Risen

Caden Risen

Student Services Coordinator (Gaffney). Advises G&Y

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana 
Alma Mater: Limestone College
LC Saint Since: 2015

“Being a Student Services Coordinator allows me to work with students on a daily basis and helping assist them in their aspirations. My favorite part of the position is watching students grow as individuals as they pursue their goals.”

What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents. They have raised me and my brothers to be responsible adults, and instilling lifelong Christian values.

What is your favorite book, movie or TV Show?

Movie: Fever Pitch
TV Show: Blacklist  

What is one goal that you plan to accomplish during your adult lifetime?

To travel to every Major League Baseball (MLB) Stadium.

The thing that always makes me smile is:

Walking my Boston Terrier, Wally Beans.

You might be surprised to know:

My nickname is Tater. It was given after many years of playing baseball.

My favorite vacation spot is:

Fenway Park. The absolutely best thing to hear is “Sweet Caroline” sang in the middle of the Eighth Inning.