"WHAT'S MY NAME?" - Limestone College Rideshare Safety Pledge

Charles Wyatt
"WHAT'S MY NAME?" - Limestone College Rideshare Safety Pledge

Limestone College Students: We’re asking you to take the pledge.

Because the safety of our Saints students is paramount, Limestone College is supporting the efforts of the University of South Carolina which is launching a national campaign called "What's My Name?” to help students stay safe when using rideshare apps and services such as Uber.

The body of USC student Samantha Josephson, 21, was found last Friday hours after she was reported missing when she failed to return home from a night out with friends in Columbia. Surveillance video showed Josephson entering a car around 2 a.m. Friday, police said. A suspect is in custody facing charges of kidnapping and murder.

Investigators said the USC student had ordered an Uber and they believe she thought the suspect’s car was her ride.

After news of Josephson's death broke, the University of South Carolina asked that every college student in America take a pledge that says they will never get into a rideshare without first asking the driver, “What's my name?” to make sure that they are getting into the right vehicle.

Limestone College is asking its students to always take the same precaution if they are using a rideshare service to or from our campus, or at any other time.

If the driver does not say your name, DO NOT get into the vehicle.

Most rideshare services offer safety tools, such as describing the vehicle and license plate number of the service's driver, but asking "What's my name?" is one more layer of protection.

In addition to checking the license plate, the make and model of the car, and that the person in the photo matches the image on the app, Uber suggests travelers riding alone should sit in the back seat of the car in order to have an exit on either side. The company also suggests sharing trip details with a friend through a "share status" option on the app.

Thank you for cooperation as we strive to keep our campus and our students safe at Limestone College.