UPDATE: Limestone Graduation Line-Up Location Change Due To Rain Chances

Charles Wyatt
Graduation Rain Plans Graphic


Due to the probability of rain on Saturday, May 4, Limestone University graduates will line-up inside Winnie Davis Hall of History. See information below for more details.


Due to the chance of rain, line-up has changed from the Hines & Riggins Center to Winnie Davis Hall of History because of the closer proximity to Fullerton Auditorium.

Only the graduates and four (4) of their guests (who reserved tickets) will be permitted to enter Fullerton Auditorium.

Graduates should reserve their tickets for their guests before arriving on campus.

Graduates should gather on the FIRST FLOOR of Winnie Davis Hall of History -- using the double solid front doors -- at least 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to obtain their name card and line-up for the ceremony.

The double solid front doors are located up the steps from the front of campus.

Graduates who are physically unable to climb the steps should enter Winnie Davis Hall on the GROUND FLOOR through the glass doors on either side to access the elevator to the FIRST FLOOR.

Limestone staff members will be located on the first floor to provide instructions to the graduates.

While inside Winnie Davis Hall, graduates will have access to restrooms on each floor.

Students eligible for Honors cords will receive those inside Winnie Davis Hall.

Graduate Program students will bring their hoods inside Winnie Davis Hall where they will receive instructions on how to carry those into the ceremony and up onto the stage where they will be officially hooded.

All graduates will be escorted from Winnie Davis Hall to Fullerton Auditorium once the ceremony begins.

Graduates will be permitted to bring small umbrellas to enter into Winnie Davis Hall and enter into Fullerton Auditorium. Once inside Fullerton Auditorium, umbrellas should be closed and carried into the seating area where they can be stored under the seats. Please do not leave umbrellas in the lobby area.