Student Research & Presentations Symposium Scheduled For April 29 At Limestone Library

Charles Wyatt
Limestone Library

The Limestone University Library will present the Spring 2022 Student Research and Presentations Symposium on Friday, April 29.

The in-person portion of the Symposium will take place at multiple locations in the Limestone Library that is located inside the Hines & Riggins Center on campus. There will also be presentations that will be featured online.

Limestone’s Student Research and Presentations Symposium takes place bi-annually to allow students to share, discuss, and interact with their peers and the University community regarding their research and creative works.

Additional goals of the Symposium include encouraging inter-disciplinary collaborations, providing a venue where quality works can be seen as examples to be modeled after by students the following year, offering a convenient platform for students to experience presenting beyond the classroom, and offering the opportunity for the works to be shared beyond the Limestone campus in an online environment through the University’s Shared Shelf digital platform.

“We are excited to announce that more than 115 students will be presenting, with 92 presentations occurring at three concurrent locations in the library, including at least five pre-recorded presentations available online,” said Lizah Ismail, Director of the Library.  “We are also thrilled our Symposium will feature our first music performances.”

The schedule for the Symposium currently includes presentations from Criminal Justice, English, Communications, Art, Athletic Training, Biology, Psychology, Music, Finance, Education, and Business.

The complete Symposium schedule will be available soon at

Accompanying photo: Limestone Library inside the Hines & Riggins Center.