SCICU Awarded Funding That Will Provide Completion Grants For Some Qualifying Students

Charles Wyatt
scicu 23

The South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) announced earlier this week the receipt of a Power:Ed award that will provide completion grants for students at financial risk for dropping out of college. Qualifying students who could benefit include those from Limestone and others at the 21 private higher education institutions that are members of the SCICU.

The SCICU was Power:Ed’s inaugural grant recipient in 2019, and this marks the fourth year Power:Ed has funded completion grants supporting SCICU’s member institutions. This year, a total of $48,135 in Power:Ed completion grants will be shared with financial aid directors at the SCICU’s member colleges and universities to help students persist through unforeseen financial difficulties and complete their degrees.

“We at SCICU are extremely grateful for our long-standing relationship with the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation,” said Jeff Perez, SCICU President and CEO. “South Carolina Student Loan has expanded its decades-long support of SCICU member institutions with Power:Ed grants that help students focus on their studies rather than financial concerns.”

Last year, Power:Ed completion grants were awarded to 24 students at SCICU’s 21 member colleges and universities, with a $2,187 average award.

“Completion scholarships can make all the difference in helping students finish their education and succeed in school, their careers, and in life. We are pleased to be able to sustain this grant to SCICU and its member schools for a fourth year,” said Power:Ed Director Claire Gibbons.

In its fiscal year 2022-2023, Power:Ed awarded 23 grants totaling $900,000 to South Carolina education and career readiness organizations, including SCICU. Grants are administered quarterly, and the next grant funding deadline is July 1, 2023.

Accompany photo: (Left to right) Trey Simon, SCSLC President & CEO; Claire Gibbons, Power:Ed Director; and Jeff Perez, SCICU President & CEO hold the check totaling $48,135.