Limestone Student-Athletes Stand Ready To Assist Local Community

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 4:30pm
Student Volunteers

There are some Saints in the Cherokee County community who add to the overall quality of life by simply lending a hand to those in need.

And these are real Saints – Limestone College Saints.

Two of the Limestone athletic teams were major players recently as the Cherokee County Humane Society replenished its meager coffers with a profitable fundraiser that will now allow its volunteer members to continue to address the many stray animal needs in the county.

And while receipts and expenses are still being tabulated, it appears that the Society may have earned up to $15,000 thanks to all the community support. Between 600 and 700 people bought tickets and came out for the popular “Mutts Gone Nuts” dog show held at the Broad River Electrical Cooperative Auditorium in Gaffney.

But the Humane Society had to have help to put on the show. That’s when the Limestone College men’s golf team and the field hockey team (shown in accompanying photo) came to the rescue. Other Saints’ teams volunteered their time and student-athlete muscle also, but were not needed, according to Humane Society spokesman Phil Orr.

The team members came out and helped set up 1,000 folding chairs for spectators and then came back later that night after the event and helped take the chairs down and put them away. It would have been a monumental task for a handful of people, but with the assistance of the strong, young athletes, it was relatively quick-and-easy.

“There’s n way we could have done it without their help,” Orr said. “We sincerely thank and appreciate them. The Limestone athletic teams and coaches do so much in this community to help out.”

That’s a true statement. Without much fanfare and little publicity, the Limestone athletic teams are aiding local charities and non-profit organizations almost daily.

For the Humane Society dog show project, head coach Jessica Mulhern arranged for her field hockey team, while coach Zack Siefert coordinated the golf team.

“Our athletic teams and coaches are always eager to help out these worthy causes in the community,” said Mike Smith, Assistant Athletic Director of External Relations. “We certainly don’t have to force these young men and women – they love the feeling they get in helping out and being a part of a worthwhile project that helps the community.

“It’s an integral part of their overall college experience here at Limestone, and has been that way a long time,” Smith added. “Our Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Mike Cerino, believes strongly in helping out in the community every time we possibly can.”

(Article and photo by Tommy Martin, The Cherokee Chronicle, March 21, 2019.)