Limestone Recognized As One Of Most Affordable Online Programs

Charles Wyatt
Limestone Recognized As One Of Most Affordable Online Programs

Limestone College was recently designated as having the most affordable regionally accredited online program in South Carolina, and is ranked as one of the most affordable in the nation, according to a nationally-recognized website.

Earlier this month, the website released its 2017 list of the 50 most affordable online programs in the United States, and Limestone ranked No.13 overall. No other schools from South Carolina made the ranking.

“Limestone is a great addition to the conversation,” the website explained. “The school offers an array of undergraduate degrees that were designed specifically for working adults.

What makes Limestone College stand out from the other online schools on this list is that courses are taught in the eight-week format,” the site continued. “By forgoing the traditional 16-week course, Limestone has made it possible for students to complete their degree faster, saving them both time and money. The school has also endeavored to make online education reminiscent of the traditional classroom. For any of the 10 bachelor’s degrees available at this school, courses are taught by the same faculty who teach it on-campus. The same textbooks and lectures are also utilized, ensuring that all students, no matter how they learn, are treated to the Limestone College experience."