Limestone To Make SAT/ACT Tests Optional For Fall 2020 Admission Consideration

Charles Wyatt
Limestone To Make SAT/ACT Tests Optional For Fall 2020 Admission Consideration

To support students and families impacted by the closures of SAT and ACT testing sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Limestone College has announced that it will make the test scores optional for admission consideration for Fall 2020.

The College, which will change its name to Limestone University this summer, decided to make the change for first-year students after SAT and ACT testing has been suspended due to the concern of the spread of the coronavirus.

Limestone will now be test-optional, meaning current high school students may choose to submit test scores if they have them, but applications from students without test scores will also be considered. The lack of test scores will not impact the institution’s evaluation of the student's application. Students who have SAT or ACT scores are still encouraged to submit them.

According to Limestone officials, for Fall 2020 applicants, the College will evaluate their admissions based on their academic performance as it is reflected on their transcripts and grade point average.

“These are unprecedented times, and our primary goal in making this temporary change is to make sure that all qualified applicants to Limestone have an equal opportunity for admission consideration," said Dr. Darrell Parker, President. “Students looking to come to Limestone will be not be disadvantaged by their inability to take the SAT or ACT due to testing postponements and cancellations. At Limestone, we understand the obstacles high school students are facing, and we want to ensure them that they will still be able to pursue their degree. The current circumstances are out of their control, so the lack of test scores will not be held against them.

“Limestone remains committed to assisting students,” he added. “Our Admissions staff will review each applicant to ensure they meet the necessary requirements.”

The test-optional policy for Fall 2020 admission consideration applies to both domestic and international students and is effective immediately.

Although Limestone will not require the typical standardized tests for admission, the change does not waive any National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) test score requirements for athletic eligibility. 

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