Cecilia (Jingxian) Zhang
Cecilia Zhang
Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Upcoming Courses

- Sport Marketing
- Sport Management and Organization
- Sport Business Practicum
- Sport Business Internship
- Sport Business Analytics

The above list of courses is not an exhaustive list. It only includes courses for the current and imminent terms. For more information visit the Course Schedules page.


BA, English Literature – Shanghai University of Sport
MEd, Sport Management – Shanghai University of Sport
PhD, Sport Management – Indiana University Bloomington

Professional Accomplishments

Selected Awards

European Association for Sport Management New Researcher Award (NRA) 2019 3rd Place
Outstanding Visiting Scholarship Award at University of Georgia

Articles – Peer-Reviewed Journals: 

  1. Byon, K. K., Zhang, J. C., & Jang, W. W. (under review). Examining the Value Co-Creation Model in Motor Racing Events: Moderating Effect of Residents and Tourists. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (SSCI)
  2. Zhang, J. C., Byon, K. K., Tsuji, Y, & Pedersen, P. M. (2021). Co-created value influences resident support through the mediating mechanism of gratitude. European Sport Management Quarterly. (SSCI)
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Technical Skills

Advanced data analysis: confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), regression, structural equation modeling (SEM), multigroup analysis, longitudinal analysis, time series analysis, multilevel analysis, item response theory (IRT)
Software: Python, Java, Javascript, C++, SQL, AMOS, SPSS, PLS, R, IRT Pro, Microsoft Excel