Jaime Orejan
Jaime Orejan
Associate Professor of Sport Management|Program Coordinator of Sport Management

Upcoming Courses

- Introduction to Sport Business
- Introduction to Sport Business
- Sport Business Practicum
- Sport Business Internship

The above list of courses is not an exhaustive list. It only includes courses for the current and imminent terms. For more information visit the Course Schedules page.

  • BA, International Trade & Finance – The University of Southern Mississippi
  • MS, Coaching and Sport Management – The University of Southern Mississippi
  • PhD, Teaching and Sport Administration – The University of Southern Mississippi
Professional Accomplishments
Selected Awards
  • Rec Sports University of Southern Mississippi - Outstanding Alumnus Award-1994-1995
  • University of Southern Mississippi -1999 Tom Shoemaker Alumnus of the Year
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – 2000, 2002 and 2005 editions
  • Who’s Who in the 21st Century – 2001 edition
  • Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century – 2003 edition
Selected Presentations

Orejan, J. (October, 2012) Measuring the effectiveness of corporate stadium signage and sponsorship of the Seattle Sounders FC of MLS. The Sport Marketing Conference, Orlando, FL.

Orejan, J., & Letter, G. (October, 2011) The importance of FIT in sport sponsorship. The Sport Marketing Conference, Houston TX.

Orejan, J., & Letter, G. (September, 2011) The value of practical experience to enhance the sport marketing curriculum. European Association of Sport Management, Madrid, Spain.

Orejan, J., & Letter, G. (October 2010). Marketing the athletic department to student- athletes at HBCU. The Sport Marketing Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Letter, G., & Orejan, J. (October 2010). Administrators within professional sports leagues and individual teams should enforce a socially responsible strategy regarding athletes’ endorsements. The Sport Marketing Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Orejan, J., & Letter, G. (October 2009). Attracting the Hispanic consumer to MLS. The Sport Marketing Association Conference. Cleveland, OH.

Letter, G., & Orejan, J. (October, 2009). Endorsements by David Beckham and the influence on targeted consumers after three years presence in the United States. The Sport Marketing Association Conference, Cleveland, OH.

Orejan, J. (March 2009). Lessons learned in marketing soccer to Hispanics. The United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) Conference, San Jose, CA.

Letter, G., & Orejan, J. (November 2008). Endorsement recognition and intent to purchase of David Beckham: Prior to playing in MLS vs. Post initial year of MLS participation. The Sport, Entertainment and Venues Tomorrow Conference (SEVT), Columbia, SC.

Orejan, J., & Letter, G. (November 2008). Measuring the Effectiveness of Corporate Stadium Signage in MLS Venues on Recollection and Intention to Purchase among the Hispanic Segment. The Sport, Entertainment and Venues Tomorrow Conference (SEVT), Columbia, SC.

Selected Publications

Orejan, J. (2011). The 1966 FIFA World Cup. In Sports Around the World: History, Culture, and Practice. 2, 80-83. ABC-CLIO Books, CA.

Orejan, J. (2011). Traditional Latin American Sports. In Sports Around the World: History, Culture, and Practice. 3, 141-144. ABC-CLIO Books, CA.

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