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Course Description

This Social Work Field Education Course (SW 589 B) is the second of two-Traditional MSW Field Courses designed to provide students with a supervised foundation practice experience in a social service agency/organization. Students will participate in a one- and one-half hour Field Education Seminar.  Field Education includes experiential learning in social work skills for multi-level and multi-sector practice in a generalist practice setting. Students complete 200 hours in the agency/ organization setting.  Students will receive a minimum of 1 hour of weekly, individual field education instruction from an MSW level social worker. Students are expected to abide by The Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers in their practice with individuals, families and agencies, organizations, and groups. The seminar provides students with an opportunity to discuss and react on professional social work issues from their field education experience regarding assessment, specific interventions with client systems and the application of practice theories. Students use the seminar to monitor their own learning experience and their progress in attaining their professional goals with respect to people’s membership in groups and communities distinguished by class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and culture while honoring each person’s individuality.