Keyboard Accessible Campus Map

  1. Curtis Building
    Front of Curtis Building
  2. Hamrick Hall of Science
    Hamrick Building
  3. Carroll School of Fine Arts
    Carroll School of Fine Arts
  4. Montgomery Building
    Montgomery Building
  5. AJ Eastwood Library
    Public School Textbooks Can Be Reviewed At Limestone's Eastwood Library
  6. Fullerton Auditorium
  7. Winnie Davis Hall of History
    19 States, 9 Countries Represented On Dean's List/Honor Roll
  8. Granberry Hall
    Rendering of Granberry Hall Amphitheater scheduled to open later in the fall of 2020
  9. Communications & Marketing
  10. Information Technology
  11. Ebert Residence Hall
    Ebert Residence Hall
  12. Eunice Ford Residence Hall
  13. Greer Residence Hall
  14. Fort Residence Hall
  15. Dobson Center
  16. McMillan Hall (Admissions)
  17. Saints Shop
  18. Student Quad
  19. Stephenson Dining Hall & Conference Center
  20. Limestone Quarry
  21. Founders Baseball Stadium
  22. Saints Field
  23. Football Practice Field
  24. Jerry Richardson Field
  25. Emmie Evans Rector Tennis Center
  26. Maintenance
  27. Griffith Apartments
  28. Camp-Swofford Chapel
  29. Timken Field
  30. Timken East
  31. Timken Center
  32. Limestone Springs
  33. Waite Hamrick Field
  34. Walt Griffin Physical Education Center
  35. Bob Campbell Field House
  36. Limestone Theatre
  37. Ball Residence Hall
  38. Campus Safety
  39. Military Service Center
  40. Walton Ridge Apartments
  41. The Cedars Apartments
  42. Brown Residence Hall
  43. Agape House (CELP)
  44. Landon House (CELP)
  45. Daniel House (Business Faculty)
  46. Smith House (International House)
  47. Milan Gettys Golf House
  48. Parking

Main Campus Parking Map

Main Campus Parking Map

Instructional Facilities

Below are the buildings currently used for instruction at Limestone University.

Gaffney, South Carolina (Main Site - 1115 College Drive)

Bob Campbell Field HouseYesNoNo
Camp-Swofford ChapelNoNoNo
Carroll Fine Arts BuildingYesYes*No
Curtis Administration BuildingYesYes**No
Winnie Davis Hall of HistoryYesNoNo
AJ Eastwood LibraryYesNo 
Fullerton AuditoriumNoNoNo
Granberry HallYesYes***No
Walt Griffin Physical Education BuildingYesNoNo
Hamrick Hall of ScienceYesYesNo
Limestone TheatreYesNoNo
Montgomery BuildingYesYes***No
Stephenson Dining HallYesNoNo
Timken EastYesNoNo
Timken GymnasiumNoNoNo


Gaffney, South Carolina (Offsite - 101 North Granard Street)

Downtown CampusYesNoNo*****


Charleston, South Carolina (Offsite - 4500 Leeds Avenue)

Charleston Metro Chamber of CommerceYesNoNo*****


Columbia, South Carolina (Offsite - 400 Arbor Lake Drive, #800A)

Fontaine Business CenterYesNoNo*****


Florence, South Carolina (Offsite - 2724 West Palmetto Street, #6)

2724 West Palmetto Street, #6YesNoNo*****


Greenville, South Carolina (Offsite - 25 Woods Lake Road, #601)

25 Woods Lake Road, #601YesNoNo*****


Bob Campbell Field House, Curtis Administration Building, AJ Eastwood Library, Stephenson Dining Hall, and Timken East contain a classroom each; the primary purpose of each building is something other than instruction.

*         Music lab
**       Ceramics lab
***      Art lab
****     Finance lab
*****   Library resources are available online and print materials can be distributed to all instructional sites upon request.

Other Facilities Map

Online & Evening Locations

Student Service Centers

Gaffney Main Campus

Limestone Greenville Service Center

Limestone Columbia Service Center

Limestone Florence Service Center

Limestone Charleston Service Center

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Limestone University
1115 College Drive
Gaffney, SC 29340
800-795-7151 x 8201
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Green Gate Office Park
25 Woods Lake Road, Suite 601
Greenville, SC 29607
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4500 Leeds Avenue., Suite 208
Charleston, SC 29405
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Fontaine Business Center
400 Arbor Lake Dr., Suite 800
Columbia, SC 29223

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Madison Square
2724 West Palmetto Street
Florence, SC 29501