Transferring Your Associate of Applied Science Degree to a Bachelor’s Degree

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Have you earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from a technical college? Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment and may have provided you quick access to the workforce. It can also be a steppingstone to a bachelor’s degree. You may be able to transfer your credits to a related degree program such Bachelor of Applied Science in Professional Studies or a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration.

Why Should I Consider a Bachelor of Applied Science?

A Bachelor’s degree can open doors to new careers, help you advance in your current job, and lead to more lifetime earnings. Choosing a focus in Applied Science may be appealing to you if you prefer hands-on experiences to theoretical knowledge. Especially if you already work in a field of study, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Professional Studies degree can augment your current knowledge and prepare you for a wider range of careers in such areas as:

  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Criminal justice
  • Educational studies
  • Healthcare administration
  • Sports management

A B.A.S in Business Administration can provide you with knowledge about:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Marketing

Increased Earning Potential with a B.A.S. Degree

Maybe you want to run your own business someday or are looking for advancement opportunities at your current company. A degree may help. And regardless of your current position, a bachelor’s degree may lead to higher earnings. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree may decrease the likelihood of becoming unemployed, while increasing your potential earnings. Workers with a bachelor’s degree earned almost 40% more than their peers who held only an associate degree.

How Do I Turn My Associate Degree into a Bachelor’s Degree?

A good first step is to find a university that meets your needs and your goals. Ask yourself:

  • Does the university offer degree completion programs or accept credit hours from A.A.S. programs?
  • How many of my A.A.S. program credit hours will transfer?
  • Do I want to take classes online, in person, or a combination of both?
  • How often are courses offered and when can I start?
  • What is the tuition rate?
  • Is financial aid available?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, start the admissions process. You’ll likely need to complete an application, submit transcripts, and apply for financial aid. After you’ve been accepted, you’ll work with an Academic Advisor who will offer guidance and support.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your education, you can pursue an online Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Limestone University. Request information about our program now.

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Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration is ideal for transfer students who want to expand their knowledge in business from an ACBSP accredited program. Students can choose from Limestone's 6 Business Concentration areas of Accounting, Finance, General Business, Legal, Management or Marketing.

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Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Professional Studies is designed for the transfer student who is looking to take courses in an academic area of interest to complement the content area from their AAS degree program. Students can select from a variety of programs such as business, computer science, criminal justice, educational studies, health care administration, sport management, and more!