MBA New Student Checklist

MBA New Student Checklist

Choosing, applying for, and enrolling in the right MBA program for you can seem like a tedious process. That’s why we’ve created this outline as a quick reference guide to help you seamlessly navigate and even enjoy the process of going back to school for your graduate degree.


Once you’ve done your research and chosen the institution where you will pursue your degree, the next official step toward enrolling in an MBA program is to complete the application. For most programs, applications are quick, simple, free, and can be completed online in a matter of minutes.

The form will generally cover basic demographic, contact, and educational information. Once you’ve supplied all the necessary information, a personal admissions representative can then follow up to help walk you through the remaining steps of the application and enrollment process.

Complete Your Application File

After you’ve submitted a completed application form, you will have to complete your application file in order to be evaluated for acceptance. Typically, the additional documentation requirements consist of official transcripts and occasionally immunization records depending on program and course delivery format.

To submit your official transcript, you can contact your previously attended institutions and ask them to forward the documents directly to the new program.  Official transcripts must be sealed and unopened when your new institution receives them for processing.

Many MBA programs also require GMAT or GRE test scores as part of the completed file. However, at Limestone, you can move forward in the application process with no GMAT test scores if you have 3-5 years of management experience or an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Finally, you may be asked to submit at least one letter of recommendation that demonstrates professional or academic readiness to begin the program. Recommendations from family members are generally not accepted, so ask a trusted coworker, supervisor, or previous professor.

Financial Aid

After you’ve completed your application file and are on your way to acceptance, one of the most crucial steps toward enrolling in an online and evening program is to complete your FAFSA. The FAFSA is required to determine what types of federal and state aid you may be eligible for in addition to institutional aid.

You will need to have your institution’s school code handy to make sure they receive your FAFSA information. Limestone’s school code is 003436.

Sign up for Orientation

After you’ve been accepted and have finalized your financial aid award, your enrollment counselor will contact you to help you enroll in your first semester of classes. As part of this process, you will usually participate in an orientation that helps you get to know the general procedures within your program, as well as get connected through your new email and the online student portal. 

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions of your enrollment counselor – they are there to help you adjust and thrive in your new environment.

Connect with your Advisor

Once you’re registered and acclimated for your first semester, you will be assigned an academic advisor to walk with you every step of the way until graduation. Get to know your advisor and use them as a trusted resource to help you answer important ongoing questions like – what classes do I have remaining before I can graduate? Can I take this math class in person instead of online? How many hours should I take?

Follow this simple checklist, and you should have no trouble navigating the new student process in your MBA program. If you have more questions, feel free to contact one of our enrollment experts.