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Library Needs and Dreams Goal: $6,000,000

The A.J. Eastwood Library was built in 1966, when the day student enrollment was 350 and there were few evening classes available for working adults.

Today, Limestone’s day students number more than 800 and total enrollment is almost 3,500 when including evening and Internet students.

It is time to build a newLibrary in order to provide the academic resources needed by students and faculty. When the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools visited Limestone a couple years ago, they noted that our library no longer met the needs of our students. As a portal for students and faculty to access the world of knowledge and technology, the library facility must be updated to meet the needs of a new millennium.

The Plan:

  • Double the size of the Library
  • Triple the seating capacity
  • Build a library for the next forty years
  • Add computer stations
  • Add study rooms
  • Add labs for mathematics, writing and other
    curriculum needs
  • Accommodate an on-campus enrollment of 1,200
  • Be an intellectual and social gathering place
  • Add coffee shop café

The $6 million capital campaign creates a library for the next 40 years, more than doubling the size of the current library.

The new Library will be located between Montgomery Hall and the Carroll Fine Arts Building and presents a design in keeping with the architecture of the historic buildings on the front campus. The Library needs to become more than just a place that houses books; it needs to be a welcoming space that provides a quiet place to study alone, a place to gather for group study, a place to meet new people (café), a place that provides other avenues for education and entertainment through technology.

The new plans call for tripling the seating capacity of the Library. Currently the Libray has approximately 100 seats, whereas the new facility will allow for 325+ seats.

The current Library is at capacity with approximately 60,000 print volumes. To house an additional 40,000 volumes, the new Library plans incorporate both traditional and compact shelving that will increase volume by 30%.

Libraries are not what they once were. They are no longer just "in the book lending business;" they are now in the information access business. Libraries are all about connectivity; connecting students to information, to other students for group study and collaboration. They provide assistance to students—from librarians, from faculty, from peer tutors, and from classmates.

Libraries in the 21st century are collaborative environments for information resources, for assistance, and for connection. They are social and intellectual gathering places. Libraries must now provide computers so students can access electronic resources. Students use computers for their classes, for research, and in their daily lives. The Library needs to provide students with computers and informed staff members who can instruct them in using the technology.

Currently the Library has 7 computer stations and 6 laptops for students to use. The new Library will have 30 computer stations along with an Information Literacy Classroom with 30 computers.

The role of libraries and librarians has changed. With the tremendous variety of electronic information available to students, librarians play a key role in helping students become information-literate and assisting them to determine which resources are reliable and valid for academic research. An electronic classroom in the new Library will allow that essential hand-on instruction.

Instruction has changed, too. Professors now expect more collaboration among students, so the Library needs a variety of study rooms where students can discuss topics, study, and work together. Currently the Library has no study rooms. The new Library will have 7 6-person study rooms and a 4-person study room.

Today’s Limestone students are not necessarily those attending day classes. They may work during the day and take classes in the evening. A café, with simple foods, will provide a cup of coffee or a quick and simple meal. A café within the Library will also appeal to faculty, staff, and day students as a common ground for meeting and studying or for a break between classes.

The new Library will provide more workspace for the staff. There will be office space for four professional librarians, a large area for receiving books and cataloging, and a special area for Technical Services. There will also be three additional workspaces for paraprofessional staff and work-study students. It will accommodate a growing staff for a growing college.

The new building includes an expanded Archives Room with a staff work station, copier, worktable, storage area, shelving, and flat/map files.