Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Studies

Limestone College is one of the few academic institutions in the area to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA.)  The BFA provides the most intensive and rigorous theatre training programs available and offers the student a unique opportunity to hone their craft.  We are committed to the artistic development of both major and non-major students in the performing arts. Limestone College offers students the undivided attention of our faculty. We are proud of the rich, creative experiences we have to offer.

  1. Limestone's required Competency & General Education courses
  2. A total of 120 credit hours
  3. The required courses listed below (43-45 credit hours)
  4. Additional Theater courses: TH110 or 125; TH203 or TH302; TH325 or 330; TH303 or 405 (12 credit hours)
  5. Experiential Theatre courses: TH111, 114, 115 - repeat 2 times each, one of which must be Stage Manager (6 credit hours)
  6. Theatre Production or Internship: TH480 or TH490 (2 credits)
  7. An additional English course: EN302 or EN331 (3 credits)
  8. A dance course: PE135, 136, 137, 138, 142, 143, or 144. (2 credit hours)
  9. One Foreign language course (3 credit hours)

* This major includes one AWE course (3 credit hours)

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants

Limestone works to make education affordable, putting together a financial aid package with need and merit-based financial aid options for every one of our admitted students. 95 percent of Limestone College students receive some type of financial assistance. Academic, athletic and arts scholarships, activity and need-based grants are all available for day students.