Limestone University Adds New Technology To Assist Transfer Students

Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 11:30am

Limestone University has simplified the transfer process for students looking to seamlessly make the move from one school to another.

Limestone is now utilizing the “Transferology” technology platform, which provides a fast and free way for students to explore their transfer options – whether that means changing schools or just taking a course somewhere else.

Students can simply put in the courses they have already taken at their current or previous institutions, and Limestone’s “Transferology” database will quickly show them the colleges and universities that will accept most of their credit hours.

“This new technology is a great new asset to Limestone’s traditional Day Campus, as well its Online & Evening Program aimed at adult learners,” said Pennie Darwin, Limestone’s Registrar. “Previously, students needed to apply for admission to Limestone, or any other school they were interested in, and send in their transcripts, and wait to see how many credit hours they have already taken will transfer. With this new system, once a student enters in their information, in a single click they find out how many schools in the ‘Transferology’ network have matching courses that might be awarded if they transfer. From there, the students can learn more about each school, and contact the school to let them know they are interested.”

Limestone’s Online Program particularly benefits from “Transferology” because students in other parts of the country and the world who might have not yet heard about Limestone will suddenly see what Limestone has to offer. And with those classes being virtual, the students can apply and then enroll at Limestone from anywhere around the globe. Limestone’s traditional Day Campus has also received as boost as students are using the new technology to search for their nearby options for transfer opportunities.

“Matches through ‘Transferology’ are ranked by awarded credit, so students can eliminate the guesswork and maximize their transfer potential,” noted Darwin, who has been working on the technology implementation for over a year. “We know that with all that Limestone University has to offer, through our various degree paths, students are finding us to be an attractive transfer option.”

Students also looking to pick up a few extra credit hours can use “Transferology” to see which schools offer the classes they are looking for and if those credits will transfer back to their existing institution.

The information in “Transferology” is provided only as a guide, Darwin stressed. An official course-by-course evaluation of a student’s specific transfer credit will be completed when they are admitted to Limestone. Students may also use Transferology to request more information about Limestone University, view majors available at Limestone, and request an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.

“Transferology” has helped more than 1 million students from all fifty states and 177 countries who have searched to see how their courses transfer.

To learn more, and to sign-up for a free “Transferology” account, please click HERE