Limestone Students Attend Honors Conference

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Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 3:30pm
Honors Students

Limestone College had six students participate in the 43rd Annual Southern Regional Honors Council Conference in Greenville earlier this month.

The students attending the conference included Rycki Ebert (sophomore from Sussex, WI), Nix Grant (senior from Harare, Zimbabwe), Christian Larsen (senior from Bayen, Germany), Denis Schulz (junior from Aachen, Germany), Raul Uranga (junior from Chihuahua, Mexico), and Luca Wanek (sophomore from Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany)

During the student exhibition portion of the conference, Limestone’s Larsen and Wanek presented “College Digital Re-branding Impact,” which was a case study exploring the effects of brand image and brand awareness on a college campus and the surrounding community to define the best re-branding practices for colleges.

Grant presented “Personality Differences In Pain Tolerance,” which was a study of cold pressure resistance based on personality traits such as competitiveness, optimism, assertiveness and authoritarianism.

“I am proud of the Limestone student presenters and participants in the Honors Program Conference.,” said Reed Chewning, Honors Program Director and English Instructor at Limestone. “The depth of research and interesting presentations inspired those attending to want to learn more about their topics through more conversation and through continuing their research on their campuses.”

The Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC) promotes the advancement of honors programs facilitated by colleges and universities. The SRHC offers several programs that provide monetary support for scholarship and leadership of students from member institutions.

The annual conference provides an opportunity for students to interact with honors program students from institutions across the Southeast.