Limestone Professor Publishes Chapter on Digital Literacy

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Monday, December 5, 2016 - 2:45pm

Randy D. Nichols, Chair of Limestone’s Dept. of Communications, is featured in the new book, Mobile Technologies and the Writing Classroom. Nichols worked with fellow Clemson Doctoral Alumna, Dr. Josephine Walwema, to contribute a chapter titled "Untangling the Web through Digital Aggregation and Curation" to this new NCTE publication. This chapter outlines an approach to encouraging students toward a more "critical consumption" of digital resources by using free and popular tools for mobile devices, such as Flipboard and Pinterest, and even includes a sample lesson as a "play exemplar" for fellow educators to revise, rework, subvert and remediate.

(Students in Dr. Nichols’ “Introduction to Digital Literacies” class used the digital research principles from the chapter to compose their 2016 Student Symposium presentations on the field of Virtual Reality.)

"The nature and tools of writing have changed. Today's students compose and read chunks of webtexts and short text messages while they are on the move. If compositionists wish to be pedagogically relevant, they need to think more carefully about how their students read and compose texts and where they do so. More and more young people are choosing to write a variety of texts in a variety of locations because technologies make it possible. As a result, educational scholars are developing new understandings of how to incorporate such technologies into the classroom." -NCTE intro to Mobile Technologies for the Writing Classroom

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