PowerPoint Template

Powerpoint title slideThe Limestone PowerPoint template includes three options for Title slides and four options for Content slides. For those who are familiar with PowerPoint, they may use the Slide Master to format these slides. If you choose to add a"New Slide" or choose "Layout" all of the options will appear. For those who may not be as familiar with PowerPoint, each of the slide options are already included in the presentation. Presentation creators can choose which Title slide to use and delete all of the others. They can do the same with the Content slide choices.

We ask that you use this template whenever you make internal or external presentations. There is a version with the Athletics logo that can be obtained from Amber Anthony.

PowerPoint Guidelines:

  • Keep your slides simple. Avoid animations or fancy transitions.
  • Use branded colors, art and imagery.
  • Use the Arial font that is the default font in the presentation template.
  • Remember the rule of six. No more than six lines to a slide and six words to a line. No need to read a slide to your audience. Engage them with your words.
  • Use image slides, separators and blank screens for topic transitions and to create visual variation.

 The PowerPoint template can also be found in the Docs folder on the T: network drive.                                                          

Download Powerpoint Template