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MBA Curriculum

Limestone College offers an innovative online MBA program designed for working professionals. Flexible online classes provide learning opportunities day or night and group work coupled with three strategic on-site residency weekends provide foundational learning opportunities while interacting with peers and faculty. The residency weekends are held at the beginning, middle and end of the program. Limestone College’s MBA program is a total of 36 hours.

  • BA 500 Foundations in Business ( 3 Credit)

    The purpose of this course is to give non-business majors or those not comfortable in specific business topics a basic understanding of business to ensure success in the MBA program. Depending on each student’s prior academic background, a different number of foundational modules may be required. Grading is on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Credit awarded for this course will not count toward graduation requirements for the MBA program. Once the required modules are completed, the student may begin the MBA program.

  • BA501 Group Dynamics (1 Credit)

    This course provides students with an understanding of the fundamental theory of teamwork. After this course, students should understand and be able to articulate the issues surrounding teamwork and how it can be used to lead to increased performance and productivity. The course also concentrates on how different management skills and techniques affect group dynamics. To be successful in today’s business environment, as stated in the program goals, business leaders need knowledge and skill in productivity and teamwork.

  • MG520 Organizational Theory and Behavior

    Organizational Theory and Behavior familiarizes students with the principles of human behavior that effective managers utilize when managing individuals and groups within the organization. Students will investigate and practice theories relating to individual differences in abilities and attitudes, attribution, motivation, conflict resolution, organizational culture as well as organizational structure and design. Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field. A solid grounding in Organizational Theory & Behavior will help today’s business leaders be successful. This matches with the stated program goal. Prerequisite: BA501

  • MK530 Marketing Management

    In this course, students examine the character and importance of the marketing process, its essential functions, and the institutions exercising these functions.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Through various case work and problem solving exercises, students will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the social, economic, and political implications of various marketing philosophies.  Marketing is a vital aspect of all business environments. Prerequisite:  BA501

  • BA540 Organizational Ethics

    This course presents the theory and practical application of ethics in organizations along with the numerous issues and nuances surrounding ethical dilemmas.  Through current case studies, students will demonstrate knowledge of an organization’s stakeholders and the various ethical conflicts inherent in the global marketplace. Prerequisite:  BA501

  • MA550 Quantitative Methods for Managers

    A non-theoretical, business applications oriented study of methods for quantitative analysis for decision-making. Topics studied include breakeven analysis, basic probability and probability distributions, time series analysis and forecasting, linear programming, and queueing models. Prerequisites: MA115 or higher mathematics course or successful completion of the module on Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics in BA 500, and BA 501.

  • BA/LG560 Legal Issues in Business

    This course provides information on secondary stakeholders as well as legal issues surrounding global businesses.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the judicial system, government policies, the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, current anti-trust legislation, and labor laws.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Starting, running, and working in the business world requires understanding laws that govern business.  Prerequisites:  BA501 & BA540

  • BA/EC570 Managerial Economics

    The application of economic principles to managerial decision making is reviewed.  The course addresses the importance of understanding the framework of economics and how it can be used to develop an intelligent, ongoing interest in the problems encountered in the management of the private sector.  Topics include demand analysis and consumer behavior, empirical cost analysis, pricing practices, market structures and public policy issues.  A problem solving and case study approach is used.  Almost any business decision can be analyzed with managerial economics techniques.  Prerequisite:  MA550

  • BA601 Group Dynamics II (1 Credit)

    This course extends the student’s knowledge of teams by focusing on the internal dynamics of teams.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate an awareness of team design, various communications methods, and strategies for handling conflict in the global marketplace.  Prerequisite:  BA501

  • AC600 Managerial Accounting

    This course explores the role of cost management in attaining and maintaining strategic competitiveness. Cost management is studied as a value-added activity that supports the organizations strategy. Students prepare and demonstrate an understanding of cost projection, cost analysis, and cost determination reports provided to operating managers.

  • MG620 Supply Chain Management

    This course focuses on the strategies used in the development and management of national and global supply chains. Through this course, students will be able to take a systems approach and analyze the supply chain system to maximize efficiencies and limit costs. Prerequisites:  MG520 & MA550

  • FI600 Corporate Financial Management

    Corporate Financial Management expands on previous coursework and focuses on capital budgeting, cost of capital analysis, return on investments, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and bankruptcy proceedings.  Through case studies and problem solving students will demonstrate proper techniques used in financial analysis and planning.  Corporate Financial Management is needed to make decisions in the business would that would enhance corporate value, without taking excessive financial risks.  Prerequisite:  AC600

  • MG650 Leadership & Change

    This course concentrates on a critical analysis of the various leadership theories between leaders and followers.  Using case studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of leaders and leadership as well as creating a vision, developing and implementing strategies for implementing that vision, and employee empowerment and motivation.  This is a need in the business world to motivate, hire, communicate, retain, inspire, discipline, evaluate and coach employees. Prerequisite: MG520

  • BA670 Strategic Management

    As the capstone course, this course offers a convergence of previous learning in the program.  Through this course, students will demonstrate through various case studies a command of previous coursework through application of multifunctional approaches to the issues in the global economy.   Prerequisites:  All other courses in the major.

  • BA680 Group Dynamics III (1 Credit)

    This course highlights the benefits of social capital, networking, and inter-team relations.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of the potential conflicts and strategies for enhancing teamwork across and between organizations or corporations.  In addition, students will take a comprehensive standardized exam that will include the content covered in the MBA program. Prerequisite:  BA670

Residency Weekends

Montgomery Hall

At Limestone College, we strive to equip graduates with the knowledge and skill set needed to thrive in a competitive business environment. Our innovative curriculum is comprised of targeted instruction delivered by a world-class faculty. Each of our faculty holds a Ph.D. in a business-related field, and has an average of 15+ years on-the-job experience. It also includes three strategic on- campus residency weekends, foundational learning opportunities to network face-to-face with fellow students and faculty.

Designed to minimize time off work, residency weekends run from 2:00 pm on Friday to 2:00 pm on Sunday and are offered at the beginning, middle and end of the program.

During the weekend, you not only have the opportunity to network but also secure critical knowledge that will be key to your success in our program, including:

  • Fundamentals of writing a research paper in the APA format
  • The case study methodology
  • How to access core learning tools from an off-campus location

Residency weekends will add immeasurably to your learning experience. It will help you acquire highly sought-after skills of collaboration and teamwork while creating a strong network of connections with your faculty and peers as you advance through the program together. Each residency weekend counts for one credit hour towards our 36-hour program.

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How long will it take to complete Limestone’s online MBA program?

The current online MBA program is designed to take just 1 year and 10 months to complete.

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Is Limestone’s online MBA program accredited?

Yes! Limestone College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033 - 4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Limestone College. Any other inquiries that do not pertain to accreditation, such as admission requirements, financial aid, and educational programs should be addressed directly to Limestone College by email at mba[at]limestone[dot]edu or by phone, (864) 488-4370. It is important when selecting any MBA program that you make sure the program is accredited by a regional accrediting body.

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Why should I choose Limestone College?

The Limestone online MBA program is designed for working professionals. Flexible online classes give students the ability to learn day or night based around their personal preferences and schedules. Our innovative curriculum creates opportunities to interact with peers and faculty both online, in group work and through three residency weekends held at our main campus in Gaffney, South Carolina. We are dedicated to providing outstanding instruction for each class. Our full-time MBA faculty is accessible whenever you need them to address questions and assist with problem-solving. While many online colleges and universities teach courses with part-time adjuncts, Limestone is committed to using full-time faculty with doctoral degrees whether you are taking an online class or attending one of the residencies Limestone College’s online MBA program combines the flexibility of an online MBA with the foundational learning opportunities, full-time faculty and long-standing heritage you expect from a traditional MBA program. For more information, email mba[at]limestone[dot]edu or call (864) 488-4370

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What if I’ve already taken some graduate courses, can I transfer that credit?

Yes, in general, students can transfer up to six (6) credit hours for courses completed with a grade of B or higher from another accredited graduate program. All transfer credits must be approved by Limestone College.

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How do I apply for admission to Limestone’s online MBA program?

We offer an online application process. CLICK HERE to get started today!

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How many classes will I need to take at a time?

The online MBA program is designed for students to focus on one course every eight weeks. In the event that you may not be able to take a course, the program is flexible to accommodate your needs and adjust accordingly.

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Do I need to take the GMAT / GRE test to be accepted?

Most students do take the GMAT or GRE for admission; however, Limestone College does offer three distinct levels of acceptance – one of which does not require a score from either of these tests. For more information on Admission Requirements to our online MBA program, please CLICK HERE.

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Will I need to be online at designated times?

No, Limestone College’s online MBA program is designed for working professionals who need flexibility in their schedule. There is no need to log-on to the internet at any specific time. The courses are flexible allowing you to complete the coursework at your convenience.

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My company offers reimbursement for continuing education, can I use those funds to pay for my online MBA?

Yes, if your employer offers reimbursement for graduate course work, then you can use these funds to finance your MBA. For more information on company tuition reimbursement, CLICK HERE.

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What if I don’t have an undergraduate business degree, can I still be accepted into the online MBA program at Limestone College?

Yes, you do not have to have a business degree to apply or be accepted into the program. Based on your undergraduate coursework, Limestone College may require you to take a selection of business-related undergraduate courses to give you a solid background in business prior to starting your graduate coursework. These courses will be identified to you as part of the admissions process. For more information on Admission Requirements to our online MBA program, please CLICK HERE.

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Is a computer required for Limestone’s MBA program?

Yes. Most of the courses will be given in an online environment, accessible via the Internet. Students will also need access to a word processing program, preferably Microsoft Word. Some courses may be given via podcast, which allows you to download lectures and watch them using your PC or video iPod when you are not connected to the Internet.