Limestone Students Celebrate U.S. Constitution Day

Limestone students walking across campus Thursday, September 17 were presented with a copy of the US Constitution. As part of a celebration of Constitution Day, students were positioned outside Carroll Music Hall to hand out 800 copies of the Constitution while others took turns reading the document aloud.

Both students and faculty actively supported the method chosen to recognize the holiday. Several faculty members assisted in preparing for the event and even took part in reading aloud from the steps of Carroll.

"The Constitution is where our rights as Americans are certified," said Cruz Thomas, a senior from Camden, South Carolina majoring in criminal justice who assisted with handing out copies of the document to his fellow students. "In addition to honoring our forefathers who fought for these rights, Constitution Day is an opportunity for everyone to remember that the document is just as important today as it when it was written.

Constitution Day was officially established in 2004 with the passage of an amendment by Senator Robert Byrd. September 17 was the date selected, as the Constitution was signed by the US Constitutional Convention on this day in 1787. Witt feels that more people are becoming aware of the celebration since it is being recognized nationwide in schools for students of all ages.