Limestone & Rotary Prepare 100,020 Hunger Relief Meals
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Members of the Limestone Women's Volleyball Team do their part in preparing hunger relief meals destined for Nicaragua.

During orientation week, Limestone College students joined with the Gaffney Rotary Club in preparing 100,020 hunger relief meals that are on their way to Nicaraguan orphanages and shelters.

Held within the confines of the Timken East gymnasium, the herculean effort was held in conjunction with the Stop Hunger Now! organization. A bell chimed each time 1,000 meals were packaged.

Each bag contains six meals and can be prepared by adding water to the ingredients.

The effort also represents the second consecutive year that Limestone and Stop Hunger Now! have joined forces. In 2011, members of the Limestone College family prepared 62,034 meals that were distributed to famine-ravaged parts of Africa.

"We at Stop Hunger Now! like to refer to the Limestone College family as 'repeat offenders to hunger,'" said Steve Deal, Assistant Program Manager for the organization. "The energy and level of commitment shown by the Limestone students to helping others is incredible, and a joy to see."