Social Work Professor Quickly Becoming an In-Demand Guest Speaker


Tim Hanshaw web

Tim Hanshaw, Associate Professor of Social Work at Limestone College, is quickly becoming an in-demand speaker on the topic of motivation.

On August 16, 2012, Professor Hanshaw will lead a workshop for Richland County (SC) School District One psychologists, social workers, and counselors as they prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Professor Hanshaw was aggressively recruited to serve as facilitator by Toni Kelly Campbell, Coordinator of Social Work Service for the school district. Campbell had attended Professor Hanshaw's session at the annual symposium for the South Carolina chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (SCNASW), which was held in Columbia March 11-14.

"In my opinion, Professor Hanshaw's presentation at the SCNASW symposium was without doubt the best of the event," said Campbell. "He is a very dynamic speaker and full of energy. I was particularly struck by his commitment to continually refining one's skillset."

More than 1,500 attended the SCNASW symposium, and many agreed with Campbell's assessment of Professor Hanshaw's presentation as his was the highest rated presentation of the four-day event.

During his presentation, Professor Hanshaw presented the concept of motivation and its foundational parts as well as theories of motivation, styles, and potential roadblocks. He also presented an exploration into the influence of power on motivation and critical thinking. "I took the attendees on a motivational drift exercise in which they subconsciously searched for the things that they enjoy or are motivated by," he said.

For his session with members of Richland County School District One, Professor Hanshaw will tweak his presentation just a bit. "The message for this particular group will be how to stay motivated in their jobs. Let's face it, school counselors and psychologists have a very demanding job, and it can be difficult to be motivated all of the time," explained Professor Hanshaw. "I'll share with this group of professionals the latest information available on how to incorporate motivation into their style of fulfilling their responsibilities."

In Professor Hanshaw's eyes, staying current with the latest trends and findings in one's field is essential to expertise. "I'm a firm believer in competency," he stated. "Regardless of what profession you're in, staying abreast of the latest research and concepts is vital to success."

He also views serving as a guest speaker as a means of fulfilling a central principle of social work professionals. "As social workers, one of our core responsibilities is to add to the profession, and sharing information that I have researched and verified is a way of doing that," he said.

That commitment to continuously stretch the boundaries of knowledge is shared by Professor Hanshaw with his social work students at Limestone. A recent survey of his social work majors who are concluding their internships generated these remarks about his method of instruction:

• "He is probably the most challenging professor I've studied with. He expects a lot from us students and pushes us to excel but he always explains his rationale for being so demanding. When we're in the workforce, goals will be expected to be met and he is preparing us for that."

• "Professor Hanshaw is a big fan of competency. He continually tells us that 'competency builds confidence' because we become proper experts in what we're doing."

• "He doesn't watch over our shoulder but he does act as our supervisor. There is absolutely no slacking off in his classes, and I feel very confident about entering the work force because of how he has prepared us."

Professor Hanshaw has been a member of the Limestone College faculty since 2003. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and sociology from Marshall University, and his master's degree in social work from Radford University and completed post graduate work in educational leadership and organizational behavior. His experiences in the social work sector include working in community mental health, family advocacy, alcohol and drug prevention, inpatient psychiatric care, hospital social services, nursing homes, private practice, military mental health, and adolescent case management. He is certified in critical incident stress debriefing/crisis response, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. His specialty areas include crisis intervention, hospital social work, and cognitive therapy.

In Cherokee County, Professor Hanshaw serves on several boards and is the county's only Red Cross disaster-trained mental health provider. He is active in many local events that benefit populations at risk in Upstate South Carolina.