Art Students Showcase Talents in Senior Exhibit
(left to right) Jimena Munoz, Justin Kelly, and Katie Mae Carpenter

Funky heels, birds nesting in hair, and political-tinged paintings are but a few of the works on display by Limestone College senior art majors in the 2012 Senior Art Exhibit.

Entitled "Trichotomy: Sole, Spirit, Body," the exhibit is on display in the College's A.J. Eastwood Library and will run through May 13.

Mexico City, Mexico native Jimena Munoz specializes in acrylic and charcoal. "In my paintings, acrylic and charcoal stand in the fine line between drawing and painting," she explained. "The thin application of paint and the lines of charcoal give my paintings a gestural character. Everything begins with a line. Organic, lyrical and delicate, it is the dominant visual element. It flows through the space creating movement and forming figurative images. My color palette consists of warm and cool colors that in the canvas create a harmonious contrast. To build the images, I also use a collage technique, which enhances the shapes that are outlined by the charcoal lines. The process ends with the use of stencils, which create a three-dimensional illusion, and help objectify my thoughts."

Spartanburg native Katie Mae Carpenter uses high heels to illustrate contradictory qualities. "There are two sides to every coin, one of which many may not see. My artistic interpretation of the high heel shows this contradiction. Growing up in South Carolina, I was taught to work for what I want being strong and independent. I do not mind getting dirt under my nails, but I can also get all dressed up, slide my shoes on, and prove to everyone that hard working girls can still rock awesome heels," she said.

Blacksburg native Justin Kelly expresses his appreciation of both fantasy and reality in his works. "Art for me is a way to create, shape, and escape the world around me," said Justin. "I have always been interested in the intertwinement of fantasy and reality, along with the mementos people possess that take them into their own worlds. Growing up on a farm with a close knit family has influenced the way I see the world around me. It has allowed me to dissect and reconnect natural, spiritual, and cognitive dimensions to each other. I enjoy creating works that evoke a curiosity in the viewers and me, transporting us, even if for a moment, to a different time, space, or parallel reality."