Social Work

Program Philosophy

The mission of the Social Work Program is to prepare students for beginning generalist practice, using knowledge of professional self, social work values, and interpersonal skills to improve quality of life and effect social change.

The Goals of the Limestone College Social Work Program are:

  • To prepare traditional and nontraditional students for employment as beginning generalist social workers and to prepare them for graduate study.
  • To provide access to beginning social work education to diverse individuals and groups of students who for economic, social, or geographical reasons would not be able to pursue a social work education elsewhere, and through this process promote cultural diversity.
  • To prepare graduates who are aware of their responsibility to continue their professional growth and development by providing up-to-date content about social work practice with client systems of various sizes and types while providing the most current content regarding the social contexts of practice, the changing nature of those contexts, the behavior of organizations, and the dynamics of change at all environmental levels.
  • To integrate throughout the curriculum the values and ethics that guide professional social workers in their practice with special emphasis on social and economic justice. Specific requirements for admission to the Social Work Program may be found in the Limestone College Academic Catalog and the Limestone College Social Work Program Student Handbook.


The Limestone College Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).