Bachelor of Social Work

The Social Work Program teaches students about patterns of behavior of individuals, families, organizations, and communities in order to prevent or reduce the problems of our rapidly changing society. Students will learn to help others, change damaging social conditions, and boost social and economic well-being. The program focuses on developing an individual’s understanding of differences in ethnicity, culture, race, and gender and on accepting and/or using these differences to create a better society. Licensing and certification requirements include graduation from an institution accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Limestone College has received accreditation from the CSWE since 2001. 

NEW Online Bachelor of Social Work Degree

Building upon the success of its traditional Social Work degree, Limestone College announces that it will offer its complete Social Work degree program online beginning in January of 2015. Limestone students who qualify may choose to obtain their Bachelor of Social Work degrees in online classes, or in more traditional in-person classes, or a combination of both.

Online programs require independent work, discipline, and motivation. It is our sincere desire to equip students for success.  In doing this, we ensure that academic needs are met in a delivery format that best suits a student’s learning style. Each admission request will be given full attention by the student's Social Work advisor and every consideration will be made to help the student to meet their individual education needs.  The Limestone College Social Work Program reserves the right to deny an application to the online program if we believe it is in the student’s best interest to obtain his/her education in the traditional classroom setting.  See our policy regarding online learning.

A self-assessment tool has been designed to help students determine if a Social Work online degree program is suitable for them.