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Early Childhood Education


… placements with infants through 3rd grade to provide teacher candidates opportunities to develop their teaching … applications, and virtual simulations. These instructional resources enhance students’ learning while preparing them to … students of varying abilities. See This Degree in the Academic Catalog Related Faculty Virginia Scates Assistant …

Elementary Education


… need for continuous professional growth when employed as a teacher. The Teacher Education Program is approved by the … Occupational Trainer, Reading Specialist, Registrar, Human Resources Coordinator, Education Consultant, Training … of 50%. Our program boasts a 0% 3-year loan default rate. Academic Catalog Page Related Faculty Virginia Scates …

Physical Education - Teacher Education


… Physical EducationTeacher Certification (PETC) students are trained to teach … the diverse needs of all students. Plan for and manage resources to provide active, fair and equitable learning … They tend to be healthy and happy! See This Degree in the Academic Catalog Related Faculty Felicia Cavallini Professor …

Business Administration - Economics


… concerning how economies and societies transform scarce resources into goods and services and how markets function at … industry analyst, stockbroker, loan officer, economics teacher, city manager, marketing analyst, real estate agent, … is the largest major at Limestone University. Academic Catalog Page Related Faculty Angela Williams …

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