Kara Babcock

Kara Babcock

Online and Evening Admissions

Hometown: Gaffney
Alma Mater: USC Upstate
LC Saint Since: 2013

“I enjoy getting to help students start their journey. They are full of hope, excitement, and potential.”

What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents, who are godly, hard-working, loving people that I strive to emulate

What is your favorite book, movie or TV Show?

Book series: Lunar Chronicles, Movies: All the Marvel movies, best ones being made right now.

What is one goal that you plan to accomplish during your adult lifetime?

I would like to write and publish a book, but I haven’t decided on what yet.

The thing that always makes me smile is:

Cheesecake, baby giggles

You might be surprised to know:

I love to travel and have visited 37 states and 11 countries. I would like to increase those numbers

My favorite vacation spot is:

Somewhere new. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been over returning a place I’ve been many times.