The Musical Theatre BFA is an intensive performance-centered degree that prepares students for further training leading to professional performance opportunities.

The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students who want to focus more intensely on their major to explore every facet of Musical Theatre and performance. The B.F.A. insists that majors be in dance and vocal lessons nearly every semester they attend. They take an exhaustive slate of acting, singing, dancing, and technical theatre course. Musical Theatre majors may choose from a variety of Theatre, Music, and Dance courses, including, but not limited to Ensembles, Applied Voice, Lighting, Makeup, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. This amalgamation of courses allows students to develop their techniques across the board.

Related Occupations

Students who complete the Theatre Major and Musical Theatre Major may begin a career in professional theatre or attend graduate school. Many Musical Theatre majors begin successful careers as stage and film actors, musical directors, and choreographers. More careers include: Professional Entertainer, Educator, and professions that require strong communication skills and strong work ethic.

Fast Facts

  • Students are continuously enrolled in voice, acting, and dance for their entire stay at Limestone.
  • Students are encouraged to intern and professional theatres their last two years at Limestone.
  • Students are given multiple opportunities to compete vocally and to perform musically.
  • Students learn to approach their singing as a theatrical performer--learning to act the song.

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