Why join the Honors Program at Limestone?

The skills that we help develop in the Honors Program (i.e. being able to identify complex problems and propose solutions) are skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for. In other words, being in the Honors Program is going to help you tremendously after you graduate Limestone – saying that you graduated as a member of our Honors Program is going to give you a “leg up” and other applicants to grad school and the job market.

We are not of the mindset that being in the Honors Program is “harder,” but different. For example, in a regular public speaking class, you might give four speeches a class to your fellow students. However, in our advanced public speaking class, you might be required to give a speech in a different forum – perhaps in an online setting, perhaps to a local Rotary club. You will also get a chance to learn debating skills.

Priority Registration and Priority Housing

We are also looking at housing some Honors Program students together (should they choose) during the freshmen year.

SLO’s for Honors Program

A Limestone College Honors Program graduate will be able to:

  • Defend and critique ideas in both oral and written form; 
  • Recognize and demonstrate the value of service-learning;
  • Identify complex problems and evaluate solutions;
  • Analyze and interpret advanced primary and secondary texts; 
  • Develop a research design and execute research independently or with faculty; 
  • Implement leadership principles in everyday life. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Limestone College Honors Program is to provide academically gifted students with a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum and an engaging learning community that equips them with the knowledge, creativity, and adaptability to thrive and lead.

History of the Honors Program

Limestone’s Honors Program was established in the Fall 1983 semester in order to create a challenging academic environment for gifted and special ability students in the College’s Day Campus.  Beginning with a charter class of 16 students, the number of participants in the program grew slowly in the 1980s, and then more quickly in the 1990s in tandem with the rising enrollment in Limestone College’s Day Campus. Beginning about 2010, the numbers of Honors students began rising sharply, and reached exactly100 students at the opening of the Fall 2012 semester.  The Honors Program accepts approximately 30 new students into the program  per year.

Honors students are enrolled in a program, not a particular academic major; participants may major in any academic discipline they wish.  Admission to the programis by invitation of the Honors Committee, a group of four of Limestone’s senior faculty.

Honors Application (Day Campus Students Only) 

Retention in the Honors Program is dependent upon maintaining a “B” or higher cumulative average (3.0 to 4.0 scale) in all coursework.   Students who successfully complete the program’s requirements will receive special recognition at their graduation.

All Honors Program course offerings are identified in the Academic Catalog with the letter “H” as a suffix, attached either to regular course numbers as listed under various academic areas in the catalog, or (if seminars) as “499-H”.  To become a graduate of the Honors Program, a student must complete a minimum of 24 semester hours of Honors-designated coursework.

Honors Program Application