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Position yourself
to advance your career with a Master's Degree.

When making the decision to pursue your master’s, you are making an investment not only in yourself but in your future. You should approach this decision with a long-term perspective, assessing the value a master’s degree will bring to you personally and professionally.

At Limestone University, we strive to ensure our graduate studies programs are competitive in its educational offering and available to prospective students at a reasonable cost.

Most students rely on multiple funding sources, including personal resources, loans, sponsorships, and company tuition reimbursement. To keep out-of-pocket costs at a minimum, Limestone University offers affordable solutions for textbooks with rental options available for most courses.


Financial Aid

Limestone University is committed to helping our graduate students find ways to finance their education. Graduate students are eligible to receive Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, with the amounts not to exceed the cost of attendance budget for the program. If a student is not eligible for Stafford Loans due to reaching aggregate limits, he/she can apply for the Grad Plus Loan. Students can apply for the Grad Plus Loan online at . You will need your 4 digit FAFSA PIN to log in. In order for us to consider you for these funds and to determine eligibility, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than May 1st of each year. The FAFSA can be completed at Be sure to indicate on the FAFSA that you are seeking a Master’s Degree.

Graduate students can also apply for private education loans to help with the costs of the program if they are not eligible for the federal Stafford Loans. To learn more information on private education loans, please visit the link.

Graduate students are not eligible for institutional scholarships or federal or state grants.

Program Costs

2020-2021 Academic Year
effective July 1, 2020


Classroom Sessions
  • $1950 per course (3 semester hours)
  • $800 per Residency
Graduation Fee
  • $150 - covers the application for graduation, cost of your diploma, official transcript, cap, gown and hood (which students keep).

Active Military Discounted Tuition

Classroom Sessions
  • $1650 per course (3 semester hours)
  • $700 per Residency
  • $5 - Covers the costs of verifying a student’s identity.