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Kelly Jones

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kelly M Jones

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(864) 488-4388

Dr. Jones is a social psychologist. Her research interests are in social and health psychology, particularly social cognitions, perceptions, and behaviors - how individual differences in perceptions of oneself and others interact with aspects of the social environment to influence attitudes and behaviors within a variety of social domains.

Professional Accomplishments

Dr. Jones runs the Psychology REALM: FOCUS lab at Limestone College, which investigates the psychological aspects associated with the cultural phenomena of “fans” and “fandoms” (i.e. a specific subculture or group of individuals united by a common, devoted and enthusiastic, interest in a particular subject). 

This includes such research questions as: 
Why do individuals become fans?
Why do they remain fans and how do their thoughts and behaviors change over time?
How does fan membership help explain various psychological phenomena (i.e. identity formation, group membership,group dynamics, etc.)?


  • PhD, Experimental Psychology, University of North Dakota