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Preceptor of English and Modern Languages

Dr. "Jack" John Knipe

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Dr. Knipe has over 15 years of experience teaching Social Studies, Geography/Culture Studies, Language Arts, Latin, English as a Second Language, Spanish, French, and sign language (i.e., ASL, SEE-II, and PSE). He has taught students in primary schools, undergraduate and graduate college students, business executives at the BMW and Michelin US Headquarters, and all ages in between. He has also been involved in teaching Philosophy of Education, Epistemology, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to teachers in the Kurdish region of Iraq. His research deals with international education and the role of language as it relates to education. He has investigated endangered languages (e.g., Scottish Gaelic, Cherokee), minority languages (e.g., Basque, Catalan, Scots, Spanish as spoken in the U.S.), and nonstandard or vernacular languages (e.g., African American Vernacular English, Spanglish). He also has an interest in helping international students studying in the USA transition successfully. In his spare time he enjoys visiting family and friends in New Jersey, Scotland, Iceland, South Africa, and the Faroe Islands.

Professional Accomplishments

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) (2016-to date)
Foundation for Endangered Languages (2013-to date)
International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (2013-to date)
North American Christian Foreign Language Association (2013-to date)
Modern Language Association (2013-to date)
Centre for the Study and Teaching of Lesser used Languages (2013-to date)
Linguistic Society of America (2012-to date)
Comparative and International Education Society (2012-to date)
An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (The American Scottish Gaelic Society) (2012-to date)
Center for International Education (GMU) (2012-to date) 
Association of Christian Schools International (2010-to date)

Other Memberships

Icelandic Society of Washington, DC (2012-to date)
Art Deco Society of New York City (2004-to 2012)
International Center of the Upstate (2004-2007; 2017)

Articles in Progress and In Submission

Knipe, J. (In submission). Languages as living organisms: Critical metaphor analysis of the 
discourse of teachers in Gaelic Medium Education.

Knipe, J. & Lucey, K. (In progress). ¿Qué piensas about the language up in here?: 
Translingualism and language attitudes in a multilingual neighborhood. 

Knipe, J. (In progress). Critical language awareness and second language acquisition: Case 
studies from Scotland. 

Knipe, J. (In progress). Conscientization of teachers in Gaelic Medium Education.

Knipe, J. & Hinshaw, S. (In progress). Conscientization and teachers’ perspectives in a 
Guatemalan School.


Bland, L. C., Miller, A., Mattix-Foster, A., Sapp, E., Knipe, J., Ramirez, E., Gallagher, M., 
Apollon, M., Konapasky, A., & Menditto, A. (2014). Chesapeake Bay Watershed 
education scale-up initiative: Evaluation Report. National Geographic Society, Washington, DC.

Knipe, J. & Lucey, K. (2014). Language attitudes toward English, Spanish, African American 
Vernacular English, and Spanglish in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. Language and Communication in Washington, DC (LCDC) Project, Washington, DC.

Invited Conference Presentations

Knipe, J. (2011). A review of teacher education and English language education at the 
Classical Schools of the Medes in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Student Body 
Colloquium at Erskine College. Due West, SC.

Knipe, J. (2010). Latin and letters/John Amos Comenius and the Moravians, origins of 
language, philology, and rap up. Northfield School of the Liberal Arts Midwinter 
Week Conference – Language: Understanding, Using, Losing, Restoring It. Wichita, 

International Refereed Conference Presentations 

Knipe, J. (2018 in submission). Metaphor and discourse in linguistically liminal spaces: A 
matter of life and death. 2nd International Conference on Sociolinguistics. Budapest, 

Knipe, J. (2018). Second language acquisition strategies in Scotland and Guatemala: A north and south divide. 62nd Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society. Mexico City, Mexico.

Knipe, J. (2018 in submission). Second language acquisition and teaching: The complexities 
of immersive teaching in an endangered language context. American Association for Applied Linguistics. Chicago, IL. 

Knipe, J. (2017). A case study of teachers’ language ideologies in an urban contact zone. 61st 
Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education 
Society. Atlanta, GA.

Knipe, J., Hinshaw, S., & Dalton, K. (2015). Don’t let the horse in the school!: Indigenous 
teachers’ perspectives of mother tongue literacies in rural Guatemala. 10th Annual 
International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education Conference. 
Odense, Denmark.

Knipe, J., Hinshaw, S., and Dalton, K. (2015). Translingual practice and literature in a 
Guatemalan Mayan context. 59th Annual Conference of the Comparative and 
International Education Society. Washington, DC.

Dalton, K., Hinshaw, S., & Knipe, J. (2014). Teachers’ perceptions of mother tongue and 
bilingual education in a rural Guatemalan school. Alliance for International Education World Conference. Mumbai, India.

Hinshaw, S. & Knipe, J. (2014). Guatemalan Ixil community teacher perspectives of language 
revitalization and mother tongue literacy. 58th Annual Conference of the Comparative 
and International Education Society. Toronto, Canada.

National Refereed Conference Presentations

Knipe, J., Hinshaw, S., & Dalton, K. (2015). The reality of schools as complex organisms: 
Lessons learned from a rural NGO-run school in Guatemala with regard to language, 
teacher education, and peace education in a post-conflict setting. 10th Annual Critical Questions in Education Conference. San Diego, CA.

Knipe, J. (2014). Conscientization and second language acquisition: Reflections of teachers in 
Gaelic-medium k-12 schools in Scotland. 33rd Second Language Research Forum. Columbia, SC.

Local and Regional Refereed Conference Presentations

Knipe, J. & Lucey, K. (2017 in submission). Language attitudes toward standard English, 
Spanish, African American Vernacular English, and Spanglish in a Washington, 
DC neighborhood. 84th Southeastern Conference on Linguistics. Charleston, SC. 

Knipe, J., Dalton, K., & Hinshaw, S. (2014). Language revitalization, peace, and intercultural 
competency development through education: A case study in Guatemala. The 
Washington Consortium for Comparative and International Education and Training. 
Washington, DC. 

Knipe, J. (2013). Reversing language shift in Scottish Gaelic and Cherokee: A comparative 
review. The Washington Consortium for Comparative and International Education and 
Training. Washington, DC.

Invited Interviews

2015 National Geographic fekk smádrongin til Føroya (a discussion of travel in the Faroe Islands and language status comparisons between Faroese and Scottish Gaelic) found at: http://kvf.fo/gmf?sid=55754.


  • B.A. in Spanish, Bob Jones University
  • M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction, Covenant College
  • M.A. in Spanish Linguistics, Middlebury College
  • Ph.D. in International Education and Linguistics, George Mason University
  • Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults, University of Cambridge

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