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Dr. Bob Honeman

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Dr. Honeman was born and raised an Army "brat," moving every two to three years, living on three different continents. He lived for two years in Tokyo, Japan, four years in historic Verona, Italy, and two years in exotic Teheran, Iran and attended Teheran American High School; he lived all over the United States as well ­ California, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, and Maryland. Because of this nomadic upbringing he developed a natural affinity for travel. Dr. Honeman and his wife Aime have spent six of the last ten summers traveling throughout Europe. His take is that "real" Italian food is pure gold, Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world, and the British are the most friendly and welcoming ­ although they do speak a strange language. Amie, an artist herself, loves the art galleries and museums; Dr. Honeman likes the outdoor cafes and the culinary delights.

Dr. Honeman began his teaching career on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where he taught senior English at the local high school, served as the senior class advisor, and coached both the boys and the girls tennis teams. Upon completion of his doctoral degree, he taught for fourteen years at West Virginia Northern Community College. Dr. Honeman has been teaching at Limestone College since 2002. When Dr. Honeman is not doing what he loves the most ­ teaching ­ he can often be found playing golf at the local course, or in reality searching in the woods for his wayward golf balls. He is a life-long, die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan ­ although, unfortunately, a long suffering one. When you come on campus, hopefully, you will see Dr. Honeman and his classes sitting below one of Limestone¹s stately trees, studying poetry underneath South Carolina blue skies.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Member of the National Council of the Teachers of English
  • West Virginia Northern Community College Vice President of Faculty Senate
  • West Virginia Northern Community College President of Faculty Senate
  • West Virginia Northern Community College twice Teacher of the Year
  • Limestone College Fullerton Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Limestone College Chair of the English Department Supervisor of English Education


  • Bachelor of Arts in English (with a 7 ­ 12 teaching certification
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Philosophy Doctorate in English (Linguistics and Rhetoric)