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Congratulations! You are the first class of LIMESTONE UNIVERSITY! We are eager to meet you. Your next step in this process is to register for Orientation.

Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will need to register for one of our Summer Orientation sessions on:

Summer Orientation Schedule

Monday, June 29
Monday, July 20
Monday, July 27

Registration opens May 1, 2020


Summer Orientation 2020 is a one-day event for all new Limestone students (incoming and transfer) and your families. This is the perfect opportunity to experience Limestone, meet other new students, and make your final preparations before classes begin.


You and your family can meet with representatives from Financial Aid, the Business Office, Student Life, and Housing. Be sure to stop in on the various information sessions, too!

You will have your Student ID photo made and will leave with a copy of your fall 2020 class schedule. An Orientation Leader will guide you through the day and answer any questions you have.

If you have not paid your deposit, you can do so here:

Pay Your Deposit Online

The full schedule is coming soon!

Check-in for each orientation date will be from 8:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m.

Plan for a full day of events. Lunch is provided for one student and one guest. Additional guests may purchase a lunch ticket at the door.

Meet the Orientation Leaders:

Coming Soon.

After attending Orientation, be sure to check your student portal and Limestone email regularly to keep up with the Limestone community and keep in touch with new friends, your Orientation Leader, and your academic advisor.

Important Dates to Remember

June 30:                FAFSA Deadline (for SC Residents)

August 12:            New Student and International Student Move-in Day

August 13:            International Student Orientation

August 13-16:    LIMESTONE LAUNCH 2020. LAUNCH is a 4-day event for all new students to become acclimated with life at Limestone, meet other students, and get excited for the year.

August 17:            First Day of Class

For any questions, please contact Kelly Tillinghast, Coordinator of First-Year Programs/Student Success Coach, at 864-488-4011 or Ktillinghast [at] limestone.edu.



FAQ’s about Summer Orientation

What is summer orientation?

Orientation is a time for Limestone College’s incoming students to get acquainted with the culture of the campus, for Limestone to showcase academic and campus presentations and programs, and for incoming students to meet new friends. 

Who should attend orientation? Do I have to attend if I’m a commuter?

            All incoming students, both residential and commuter, should attend orientation.

When/How can I register for Summer Orientation?

As soon as you pay your enrollment deposit, you can register for summer orientation. Space is limited, so please register today! Dates and registration are available on this page as well as the link to register. 

When and where do I report for my Orientation Session?

You will report to Fullerton Auditorium on your selected date. Check-in and registration will be from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Please view the schedule for more details. 

Do I need to bring anything to orientation?

While you do not need to bring anything, you are encouraged to bring the following if you have not submitted them to the College: immunization records, official transcripts, and any documents needed for Financial Aid.  Bring a photo ID. 

Can I bring someone with me to Orientation?

Of Course! Please bring parents, guardians, or a family member with you! This a great time for everyone to ask questions and prepare for your big move to College! Lunch will be provided for each student and one guest. Any other guest will be able to purchase a lunch ticket at the door.

Is there an Orientation Program for parents and family members?

Yes! We will have various information sessions throughout the day to answer everyone’s questions. Offices available include the Financial Aid Office, Business Office, and Student Life Offices. We encourage you to bring those who will be supporting you financially and emotionally during your college career. 

Can I change my orientation session after I have registered?

You may change the session you previously registered for if there is availability in another session.  Please contact Kelly Tillinghast at 864.488.4011 or ktillinghast [at] limestone.edu  if there is an issue you with your registered date. 

What if I am unable to stay for the whole day? 

Orientation is very important to help with the transition to College. Please make every effort to attend the entire day. If you have a conflict or questions about the sessions, please contact Kelly Tillinghast at 864.488.4011 or ktillinghast [at] limestone.edu

When will I receive my Housing assignment?

Housing assignments will be going out soon. If you have any questions regarding your housing assignment, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 864.587.4247. The housing staff will be available at Summer Orientation sessions to answer any questions you may have. 

If I receive my housing assignment before my Summer Orientation date, can I view my residence hall room that day?

You may not be able to see your exact room, however, tours of the residence halls will be available during each Summer Orientation. Contact the Office of Residence Life for specific questions or concerns. 

Will there be overnight accommodations provided?

Since the Orientation sessions are a one-day event, overnight accommodations will not be provided. If you wish to stay overnight, you may locate reasonable, local lodging by clicking here.

Are there accommodations for students with special needs?

Yes! For information regarding accommodations and other services, please contact the 
Office of Accessibility and LEAP at 864.488.4394 or email Susan Baxter-Ferguson at sbaxter [at] limestone.edu. You can also reach out to the Dean of Student Success, Stacey Mason at 864.488.4540 or smason [at] limestone.edu

When will I have an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor?

Students will be contacted by their First-Year advisors before Orientation to discuss their class schedules and will have the opportunity to meet with an Advisor during Orientation. 

When is Orientation for International Students?

At Limestone College, we are committed to positively influencing your transition to College and to living in the United States. For students entering in the Fall Semester, International Student Orientation will be held on August 16, 2020. Dr. Jack Knipe, serves as our International Student Liaison, and will help students with required documentation, and will introduce students to college policies, culture and other opportunities. Dr. Knipe can be reached at jknipe [at] limestone.edu .

What happens during International Student Orientation?

At Limestone College, we are committed to positively influencing your transition to college and to living in the United States. If there’s a need for required documentation, we will help in the process and introduce you to college policies, culture, opportunities to get involved on campus. For additional information, you may reach out to Dr. Jack Knipe at 864.488.8263 or jknipe [at] limestone.edu.

What are the orientation leaders for?

Orientation leaders are an elite group of students who are trained to help incoming students and their families throughout the day – acquainting new students with campus resources, activities, building locations, and college life issues. Above all, orientation leaders are here to provide a positive and friendly present to incoming students and their families. 

Will I need a parking pass during Orientation?

Parking lots will be available throughout campus and Campus Safety will not be issuing any tickets. To view parking locations on campus, please see our Campus Map for details.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

You may contact Kelly Tillinghast at 864.488.4011 or via ktillinghast [at] limestone.edu; Stacy Mason at 864.488.4540 or via smason [at] limestone.edu.