Limestone Students Assist With Award-Winning Travel Guide

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Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 9:45am
Hwy 11 map

Three interns from Limestone College were vital parts of the team for the City of Gaffney that recently won a state-wide marketing award.

Earlier this year, the City of Gaffney received from the Governor’s Office the Charles A. Bundy Award, an award that recognizes contributions to rural tourism in South Carolina, for its Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway Travel Guide.

Working with LeeAnn Snuggs, Director of the Gaffney Department of Marketing and Tourism, recent Limestone College graduate Gemma Schaefer (Overland Park, KS) designed the guide, with junior Claire Huminski (Roebuck, SC) providing editing and proofing assistance. Recent Limestone graduate Sylvia Queener (Penn Yan, NY) did research for the project.

The travel guide originated when the Gaffney Visitors Center staff compiled a list of points of interest and provided the information to guests who were planning to travel the highway. Positive feedback from visitors who received the document prompted Snuggs to undertake a regional marketing project that would impact local businesses and tourist destinations along the entire 112-mile route.

“I am so pleased that our City was honored by the Governor of South Carolina and especially pleased and proud for Ms. Snuggs,” said Gaffney Mayor Henry Jolly. “I know of no person more deserving than LeeAnn, and her Gaffney Visitors Center team. I am delighted that during this administration Gaffney has become a leader in the tourism industry and is making a great economic impact by promoting tourism for our City and the greater Cherokee County community.”

The Cherokee National Scenic Highway Travel Guide is the first publication of its kind to be available free of charge. The guide is designed to help promote locally owned businesses and the national and state parks that assist in attracting tourists to the area. The production of the Travel Guide was funded through the City’s hospitality funds

For a free copy of the award-winning Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway Travel Guide contact the Gaffney Visitors Center and Art Gallery at (86) 487-6244, or email ourtown [at]