Instruction Librarian Presents at Information Literacy Conference

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Friday, September 25, 2015 - 5:30pm

Susan Moore, Instruction Librarian and Archivist/Assistant Professor, presented “Strategies for Engaging Students and Faculty: The Solution is Near” at the Georgia International Information Literacy Conference in Savannah, GA, on September 25, 2015.

The presentation showed how utilizing technology to deliver library instruction can minimize work for the librarian while creating a collaborative, engaging learning environment for students. By using the Nearpod application that works across all media platforms, instructors can create lessons to use in class, assign homework, embed lessons in websites or libguides, and incorporate learning outcome assessments. Since receiving iPads in August 2014, librarians at Limestone College have worked to create innovative and creative information literacy sessions. Students and faculty have responded enthusiastically to the new delivery methods that allow for more interaction and collaboration between all participants. The beauty of this application, however, is that it is not restricted to iPads since it is a web based application students can use any device to participate in the lessons.

Susan has also published two articles in the Charleston Advisor this academic year:

“Comparative review: Opposing Viewpoints in Context and Points of View Reference Center.” The Charleston Advisor, July 2015.

“Review: Nearpod application”. The Charleston Advisor, April 2016.