Building A Brand Together

It’s up to us to build our brand and make it a strong presence throughout Limestone College, in our community and in every location that it reaches. This means using our brand elements thoughtfully and consistently.

A brand is much more than a logo. It is the experience people have with our college. Our brand guidelines are the tools we use to reinforce those experiences. They are the operating manual for looking, speaking, and acting as Limestone College. Please follow these brand guidelines and ask questions when you have them. Please note that all new internal, external and digital materials must be submitted for approval before they are produced or released. 

These guidelines have been produced by the Limestone College Marketing Team and approved by college administration. 
Any new materials using the Limestone College brand identity must be approved by:

Charles Wyatt
cwyatt [at]
Tel: (864) 488-4603

For your convenience, a PDF of the Branding Guidelines + Graphic Standards poster is included below.
Branding Guidelines + Graphic Standards