Theme 3: Focus On The Future

Programs For New Horizons

Develop & Launch New Programs

Laptop Initiative

With great urgency, we will continue to launch new programs from our best developed ideas in an effort to provide students pathways to meaningful careers. Limestone University will be a private, comprehensive University with Master’s Programs. Initial priorities will include expanding our offerings in Education and Health Professions, as well as Business and Professional Studies. At the same time, our Liberal Arts & Sciences area will preserve our liberal arts foundation. We will evaluate a plan to provide technology to our students.

Enhancing Partnerships

Develop Academic Partnerships With Businesses & Nonprofits

Enhance Partnerships With Alumni

We will further develop and build upon our existing partnerships, including VCOM, Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, Cherokee Medical Center, Spartanburg Community College, the Cherokee County School District’s Scholars Academy, Diamond Resorts, and others.

We will also launch new partnerships designed for enrollment, continued education, and engagement opportunities. At the same time, we will enhance our partnerships with alumni and the various communities we serve across the state.

A Culture Of Online Excellence

Create A More Interpersonal Experience

Create An Online Orientation Course (Consider Orientation Broadly Particularly For Online Students)

We will increase Online Program enrollment by continuing to adopt many of the recommendations set forth in our Limestone University Online Growth Plan. To grow successfully, Limestone University is in the midst of making strategic adjustments to its approach to online learning. The adjustments center on the following: improved technology regarding its online application and data warehouse; increased resources to build brand awareness; improved online learning experiences and course offerings; and restructured enrollment processes to create fewer roadblocks for students and to operate more efficiently.

Resources To Drive Change

Bold Goals To Bring In Resources

Institutional Resource Review & Business Development

The path we have chosen will lead to enrollment growth to 4,000 students by 2025 – with 1,500 on-campus students, 2,000 Online students, and 500 Graduate students. We will continue to recruit transfer and commuter students as part of this growth. Limestone will not be just a residential campus with 700 elite liberal arts students living in the dorms. Instead, we will attract a diverse student body from various backgrounds and degree paths. We will serve the needs of students who live in our community.

. In 2018, Limestone embarked on a “Drive To University” initiative that will invest by 2025 a total of $150 million into Limestone through $110 million in student aid – particularly for first-generation students with financial constraints – and $40 million in improvements to the physical plant, including the new Campus Center & Library. Currently at $30 million, our goal is to grow our endowment to $50 million in the next five years.

All new programs will have a plan for financial sustainability, using market research and reliable data. We will continue to assess current programs for potential growth, need for revision, and sustainability. All programs will have data driven annual reporting, assessment, and goal setting.

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