Theme 2: Transforming Expectations

Celebrating One Limestone

Promoting Excellence (Elevating Campus Service Centers Academically & Culturally)

Developing Traditions & Build A Sense Of Belonging

We will celebrate all our students, no matter the pathway taken to earn their Limestone University degree. Whether they are On-Campus Residential, On-Campus Commuter, Transfer, Online Program, or Graduate Program students, Limestone will treat all students with the same respect and dedication to their success. We will promote excellence in student learning across all modalities by cultivating methods to enhance current traditions and student experiences across the board. We will develop, refine, and implement traditions to build a sense of belonging from orientation activities through post-graduation.

Compelling Storytelling & Purposeful Vision

Strategic Storytelling That Drives Recruitment

Intentional Story-Gathering & Directed Storytelling Based On Audience

Limestone’s story is its transformation of students’ lives. We will cultivate a greater understanding to integrate stories and efforts among departments and create a more intentional recruitment process. We will capture the heartbeat of campus life and tell the story of how and why Limestone transforms the lives of our students.

Intentional Spaces That Welcome & Delight

Renovations To Support Our New & Growing Health Professions Programs

Prioritized Capital Budget & Advancement Opportunities For The Physical Plant For Improving Our Campus

We will continue to develop and build a campus environment that will put the student experience first. We will prioritize our capital projects and Advancement opportunities to improve how our campus will serve our students. One primary area of focus will be the renovations needed to support our new and growing Health Professions programs. We will also implement a plan for more structured outdoor space, landscape beautification, care for our historic campus, modernization of our academic and cultural facilities, improve and expand student housing, and provide first-class athletic facilities for use by our student-athletes and the enjoyment by our study body and community.

Data In Action

Data Governance & Data Warehouse

Create A Culture Of Data-Driven Decision-Making

We will be an institution that will use improved data in its decision-making process. We will increase the overall quality of our data, develop processes, and invest in tools as needed to improve our processes and procedures. We will also increase transparency and efficiency through better data sharing and availability. We will communicate data and analyze results effectively for decision-making purposes.

n. Our retention rate is a significant indicator of how responsive we are as an institution to the needs of our students – particularly new students.


Theme 3: Focus On The Future





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