Theme 1: Commitment To & Belief In Success

Vibrant Experiences & Lasting Connections

Academic Advising For High Impact Learning & Engagement

Success Programs For First Generational Support

A commitment to serve our students by knowing who they are and how we can make things better for them. We will implement academic department advising for high impact learning and engagement. Rather than informing students on simply which classes to take in their field of study, our advising will be all-encompassing, including mapping of academic success, and advising on extra-curricular activities, professional opportunities, internships, and upper-class mentorship opportunities within the major. We will specifically develop success programs to support first generation students, as well as Online Program and adult students.

Engaging Learning Everywhere

Placement & Preparation

Development For Faculty & Staff Retention

An expanded summer program can provide a transition to help our students get a jump start on college. We will also develop opportunities for our faculty and staff. We will commit to investing in professional development and provide training to better understand our institutional policies. The bottom line is that we will take care of our people – students, faculty, and staff.

Outcomes That Matter

Continuous Summer Enrollment

A Student-Focused Culture In All Areas Of The University That Is Universal With All Stakeholders Within The Institution

Adequately supporting students, especially first-generation students, is largely dependent on the attitudes of the faculty and administrators who are charged with nurturing their success. The paths we take in our decision-making process will consider the ultimate destination of leading our students to a degree. Our goal will be to create emerging scholars, marketable professionals, and enlightened individuals. At an institutional level, our programs will be developed to see a greater emphasis on our students’ personal development. We will improve the university culture and create a learning environment that will lead to more well-prepared graduates as they enter the job market and advance their careers. Such an environment will attract new students and retain our existing students. We will develop a summer course pipeline that helps students achieve graduation on time, focusing on specific courses that will move the most students to completion.

Success will be not be an exception, but rather the expectation for all our students.

Empowering & Supporting Retention

Enhance A Retention Culture

Strategically Use Financial Aid To Support Retention

Limestone will foster an institutional culture that will empower and support our student retention efforts. We will take responsibility for all phases of each student’s status. Through a collaborative effort, we will be focused on all aspects that guide our students toward successful degree completion. We will develop a communication system across campus to intervene if a student veers off the path to earn a degree. We will also develop data from institutional research to develop financial aid and perseverance scholarships to target the specific classifications of students where incremental aid can enhance retention.

Student retention is the key to Limestone improving its graduation rates and decreasing the loss of tuition revenue from students who drop-out or move on to other institutions that they perceive to better suit their needs. Our university is committed to helping students achieve their goal of a Limestone degree. That commitment includes exceptional support services to help students transition during their first year of college, as well as the necessary resources to ensure student success to graduation. Our retention rate is a significant indicator of how responsive we are as an institution to the needs of our students – particularly new students.

Theme 2: Transforming Expectations