Limestone Student Achievements

Limestone College documents and evaluates student achievements in fulfillment of its mission:

“In a nurturing, supportive environment based on Christian ideals and ethical principles, students are challenged to become critical thinkers and effective communicators who are prepared for responsible citizenship, successful careers, and graduate study.”


The college measures and documents student achievement using various measures which include professional licensing data, exit exams, employment, honors (honor societies and publications) and survey data from new graduates.  Each measure is appropriate to the continuance of Limestone College’s stated purpose and mission.

Explore Notable Achievements

  • Exit Exams and Licensure

    Athletic Training Licensing Exam Data

    The Athletic Training program prepares students to take the licensing exam. The current pass rates for the last three years are as follows:

    Graduation Year # Grads # Taking License Exam # Passing License Exam % Passing License Exam
    2010-2011 3 2 2 100%
    2011-2012 3 3 3 100%
    2012-2013 6 6 5 83%
    2013-2014 2 2 1 50%
    2014-2015 4 4 3 75%

    Business ETS Exit Exam Data

    The Business department has an Exit Exam through ETS, which both undergraduates and graduates take.

    • The ETS Exit exam showed an increase in scores from the 25th to the 41th percentile for DAY students in 2013-2014.
    • MBA ETS pretest-post test scores showed an increase from the 9th to the 34th percentiles.

    The Business department has instituted (2013-2014) an assessment and accreditation committee within the Business Department to put a better focus on this area. In addition, this committee will be recommending to the Business Department that they move forward with ACBSP accreditation (see

    Teacher Education/Employment and PRAXIS Data

    (Source: 2014 PEDS Report; 2014 EPP Report)

    The most recent group of Education graduates has been very diverse in specialty and gender. Their Education majors have covered:

    Teacher Education Graduates
    Males Females Total
    Music Ed 1 0  1
    Physical Ed 2 0  2
    Math Ed 1 1  2
    English Ed 0 2  2
    Elementary Ed 1 12 13
    Early Childhood 0 1  1

    Placement data show that Limestone’s Education graduates seek and retain professional employment.

    Year Graduates in Teaching Positions
    2014-2015 90%
    2013-2014 100%
    2012-2013 89%
    2011-2012 100%
    2010-2011 88%

    A key goal of the Teacher Education program is to prepare students for the Praxis exam. We are proud to have a 100% pass rate for the past several years.

    Year Program Completers # Passing Praxis Pass Rate
    2014-2015 21 21 100%
    2013-2014 12 12 100%
    2012-2013 19 19 100%
    2011-2012 14 14 100%
    2010-2011 31 31 100%
  • Publications and Honors

    During 2015-2016 ---

    • 90 students were involved in musical performances, which is 7% of the Day student population.
    • 28 students were involved in Candelabra, the annual College literature and art publication.
    • 154 students presented research (12% of the Day students)
    • 123 Honors students were enrolled
    • The Psychology Club competed in the South Carolina Psychology Association’s “Quiz Bowl” in Columbia (November 5, 2015), the Saints tied for second place.   Students have made research presentations at the South Carolina Psychological Association each year for the past several years.  Eight Psychology students presented their senior capstone projects at the library (April, 2015).
    • In the Art Department, we currently have a student exhibition with over twenty students represented. Last spring I had three students attend an International conference (NCECA).Last year’s Juried Exhibition featured over twelve students.



    • The Candelabra, a student literary magazine of poems, essays, short stories and art is sponsored each year by the English and Art Departments. The 2014 edition featured literary and art work from 27 contributors.
    • The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences expects to launch the first edition of their behavioral sciences journal in the Spring semester of 2015.

    Honor Roll and Honor Societies

    The Limestone College Honor Roll recognizes students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3.75. The Spring 2016 Honor Roll includes 172 students, with representatives from 13  countries. The Spring 2016 Dean's List includes 231 students. Both of these groups include students from our Day Campus program, Extended Campus Internet program and eight Extended Campus Classroom programs.

    The Alpha Chi Honors Society surpassed its goal of having 100 students participate in the Fall of 2014. The numbers of Honors students are as follows:

    Year Returning students New Freshmen New admits Total
    2014-2015 63 31 6 100
    2013-2014 69 22 3 94

    In addition to Alpha Chi, there are six other honor societies on campus. The numbers of students involved in those honor societies are as follows:

    Name 2015 Members 2015 Graduates 2014 Members 2014 Graduates Cord Colors
    Alpha Chi 132 10 94 31 blue/green
    Phi Alpha Theta - History    4   0 5 3 red/blue
    Sigma Beta Delta - Business 270  41 177 12 gold/green
    Alpha Phi Sigma - Criminal Justice     5    1 5 5 blue/gold
    Alpha Psi Omega - Theatre     -- -- --
    Chi Alpha Sigma - Athletics     70 36  
    Phi Alpha - Social Work   42   -- -- gold
  • Graduate Survey

    This section contains graduate schools attended by our graduates, as well as data from our annual Graduation Survey. The survey was originally intended to be a way to keep up with graduates’ correct mailing address and e-mail data. Today it also includes questions on, for example, topics regarding skills, employment, and graduate school plans.

    Graduate Schools

    Many of our students choose to further their education at the graduate level after completing their degree at Limestone. View a list of graduate programs attended by Limestone College graduates from 2008 through 2013.

    Grad School List

    Our Graduates – Spring 2015

    Each semester Graduating Seniors receive a survey to complete prior to graduation. For May 2015, 178 graduating students completed the survey.

    • Of those students, 44.9% were from the Day program and 56%% from the Extended Campus.
    • Of those students, 40% were “first generation” college graduates.
    • Of those students, 28.6% were applying to graduate schools.
    • Of the graduate programs being considered by these seniors, 15 different institutions were specified. The institutions mentioned the most included Limestone (3), USC (3), and Webster (2).
    • Regarding employment, of the 178 graduates, 54 (30%) were continuing to work in their current positions, 29 (16%) had accepted a full time job, 4 (2%) had accepted a part-time job, 57 (32%) were looking for a full or part-time job, and 47 (28.6%) were planning on attending graduate school.
    • 31 of the 178 graduates (17%) requested information about Limestone’s MBA program.
    • 34 of the 178 (19%) reported that they had used at least one of the services from the Career Services office.

    Regarding what the graduating students perceived that they had learned while in college, five areas of concern were rated on a 3-point scale: Non Proficient, Competent, and Proficient. Survey results are listed below.

    Rate yourself on your knowledge and abilities:
      Competent Proficient Not Proficient
    Mathematical computation 74 (44.6%) 86 (51.8%) 6 (3.6%)
    Speaking in public 54 (32.3%) 112 (67%) 1 (0.6%)
    Using computers 32 (19.3%) 134 (80.7%) 0
    Writing for a variety of audiences 45 (27%) 117 (70.9%) 3 (1.8%)
    Using and documenting sources 36 (21.8%) 129 (78.2%) 0