Library Laptop Policy

The library is happy to announce that 18 (eighteen) Dell laptops are now available for checkout (for in-library use only) to Limestone College students, faculty, and staff members. These circulating laptops can also be checked out for use in classroom presentations in the Library's Conference Room and Curriculum Lab.  Each laptop comes equipped with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access).  Students must show their LCard to check out a laptop.  All laptops should be returned to the circulation desk.

General Rules

1. Laptops may only be used inside the library.
2. Only current Limestone students in good standing with the library may use these laptops. STUDENTS MUST SHOW THEIR LCARD (ID) TO CHECK OUT LAPTOPS.  STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE THEIR LCARD CANNOT CHECK OUT LAPTOPS!
3. Users take full responsibility while the laptops are in their possession.
4. Laptops must be returned to the Circulation Desk. Overdue charges will apply for laptops not returned to the circulation desk.
5. A laptop can be renewed once, if no other patron is waiting for one to become available.
6. Printing is available on the laptops. All documents should be saved by the patron on either a CD-R/RW or flash drive.
7. Laptops cannot be reserved ahead of time unless being reserved by faculty for classroom use. They are available on a strictly first-come, first served basis.

Acceptable Use Policies

The library's circulating laptops should only be used for academic purposes. Inappropriate activities will not be tolerated. The patron:

1. Shall Not view any unacceptable websites.
2. Shall Not commit any other acts that would damage the laptop or violate the library's wireless access policies.

“Users will exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using these resources. Users will also refrain from using computing resources to view, print, or access in any manner, material that may be offensive to others."

"Limestone College will NOT be liable for the actions of anyone connecting to the Internet through the Internet on campus. All users assume full responsibility for their actions."

Check in/Checkout Procedures

A power supply will be checked out with the laptop unless the patron specifically requests not to have one. Since the battery life on the laptops is only about two (2) hours, most will require a power charger. If the power charger is not returned with the laptop, the check-in will be considered incomplete and the patron will be charged the replacement cost and processing fees for the missing component. Failure to return the power charger will result in revocation of privilege to check out a laptop in the future. A headset will also be made available for checkout if the patron requests one.

When finished with the laptop, the patron will return it to the Circulation Desk. The Circulation staff will visually examine the laptop for any damage or personal items. Any flash-drives or CDs found will be returned to the patron.

Patrons should not leave the laptop unattended. If a patron must leave for a short duration, the laptop may be left at the Circulation Desk with the understanding that the check-in time will not be changed.

Patrons are responsible for the laptop and accessories until these items are turned in to the Circulation Desk. Patrons will be held responsible for any incidents involving the laptop or accessories, including theft of items. The replacement cost of the equipment plus a processing fee of $15 will be assessed if a laptop (and/or peripheral component) is lost, stolen, or damaged. Each incident will be handled individually and will be left to the discretion of the Circulation Desk staff. Patrons found guilty of abusing the laptop privilege may have their laptop privileges revoked. An incident report on each matter will also be forwarded to the Director of the Library.