Chemistry Programs & Degrees

The Chemistry program offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. For the B.S. in Chemistry, students must successfully complete the following courses:

  • MA122 (and any required pre-requisites): Precalculus
  • MA 205-206 Calculus I & II
  • PH201-202 or 301-302: General or Calculus-based Physics I & II with labs
  • CH110-111: General Chemistry I & II with labs
  • CH303-304: Organic Chemistry I & II with labs
  • CH201: Quantitative Analysis/Analytical Chemistry with lab
  • CH404:Instrumental Analysis with lab
  • CH401-402: Physical Chemistry I & II with labs

CH440, a one-semester biochemistry with lab, is also available as an elective and for those students interested in medical or pharmaceutical careers.  More electives, including CH100 for preparation for CH110 and an upper division elective in Pharmacological Chemistry coming soon!

CH105 is a four hour with laboratory survey of chemistry course offered as a general science elective and as a pre-Nursing prerequisite.